Bridget: A long life full of love and happiness


I am saddened to tell you that our Bridget passed away this past October. We are so very grateful to have had her for 16, almost 17, years. This summer we celebrated her birthday in great style at our house in East Hampton with an evening walk on her favorite beach. She had slowed down the last two years, but we can happily report that she had the very best life. She was truly our family member. Our two children were mere toddlers when you sent her to us, and now they are young adults.

Bridget didn’t have a mean bone in her body, and she would lean on guests and look at them with her big doe eyes and melt everyone’s heart. She was a bit famous in among our family and friends as she had bountiful energy when outside, yet was sweet and docile when home. She was very attentive yet comfortable in her own skin and was never needy.

We all miss Bridget very much, and we know we need time to mourn her, but we also look forward to welcoming a new poodle puppy into our family when the time is right.

Tamara and family

Rosie the Snow Poodle

Happy New Year!

Rosie completed her level 1 obedience training with ease, we still work on the lessons and she continues to amaze us with how smart she is. At Christmas she was well behaved around the tree and our many visitors.

Rosie absolutely loves playing in the snow and sits patiently when she comes in to get her paws wiped.



Ziggy Turns One Year Old

Ziggy Lulu is one year old! She was groomed shorter than we would have liked for the middle of winter, but her adorable curls were too matted, beyond redemption by slicker brush or comb. Her adult coat has now come in—very curly and still very soft, but a bit more woolly than her puppy coat. I will need to be more vigilant if she is ever to be able to sport bracelets (or poodle leg warmers). Ziggy’s lovely groomer, Yvette, commented on how beautiful Ziggy’s poodle fur is—so soft and fluffy. Thankfully, her new beau Spock, a black standard Schnauzer, still recognized her for their daily romp in the yard.

We will likely start the next level of obedience training in April, after which we’ll think about what we might do next—continue visiting seniors who readily dispense liver treats, maybe agility or rally, or perhaps Ziggy might like to help out in the library by having little kids read stories to her to improve their confidence as readers.

Patti & Mark

The Passing of Oliver – an incredible and loving dog


After 14 and a half years of unconditional love, Oliver passed away on Friday, December 22rd. He was an incredible dog and loved everybody that he met. He will surely be missed.

We are happy that we have Augustus. He and my son have become best friends. We are all getting ready for celebrating his 1st birthday in January.

Patrick and family

Finn & Lucy Enjoy a Snowy Christmas

Finn & Lucy enjoy a winter outing

Finn & Lucy enjoy a holiday snooze

It has been a nice winter thus far, lots of aimless walks and quiet nights in front of the fireplace. I took a few weeks off over the holidays and we hiked almost every day. They are my constant companion. Only work keeps us apart and even though they are bed hogs I wouldn’t want to turn out the lights without them there.

Thank you for gift of poodles,



Enjoying the Season of Snow

Things are going great here in St. John’s. We’ve had a wonderful holiday with lots of snow for outdoor activity. Last night we all went sledding – Waylon and Sally included. The snow is perfect for running and chasing. Sally continues to outrun Waylon. And Waylon continues to be frustrated by her speed and agility! Despite the challenge of catching her, he’s stubborn and doesn’t give in. The result: two very exhausted but happy poodles.

Today was mild, with light fluffy snow – perfect for a family walk through the park. We rarely get a ‘family picture’…. but here it is.

Here’s to a healthy and exciting 2018.
– Ingrid & family

Magnificent Henry: A Life Lived Large

The Magnificent Henry McGuffin

Our dear Henry McGuffin passed away yesterday. We are heartbroken. He was a magnificent dog and lived life large. He had a great time every day, playing with his friends, running through the woods trails, or chasing a ball in the lake. He did everything with passion. We adored him for his character, his loyalty, his endless capacity to love, his athletic abilities, and his cuddles. He loved his little sister Remy Rose and they were very close. She is now sleeping in his bed, curled up on his pillow.

We never ceased to marvel at Henry’s character and intelligence. He was not always easy going, particularly when he determined that two dogs in the park were “playing wrong” and intervened. We once hired a dog behaviorist to help us sort out Henry’s personality. She said Henry was one of the most remarkable dogs she had ever met, that Henry was fiercely intelligent (which we knew) and a policeman who strived for law and order. He was never aggressive but would intervene when two dogs became too rough or when one was not playing by the dog rules. He was fondly known as The Sheriff or The King by everyone at the dog park who came to appreciate the role he played, particularly in training their rambunctious young dogs. He was a neighbourhood fixture, famous for his character and delightful personality. Since the news of his passing, we have received so many calls, emails and hugs – including from a tearful neighbour yesterday in the grocery store.

Henry was endlessly patient with young dogs and puppies as well as with small children. I have never seen another dog who allowed a puppy to hang from his ears! He was a wonderful friend to other dogs, and had in particular five close, lifelong friends who he saw regularly. Unfortunately two of them died in the past two years.  I know Henry still missed his neighborhood friend, Kasey, because he would stop by his house, look, and sigh.

Henry got to really savour this last Christmas. One of his favourite things was opening his presents so of course we made sure he was awash in things to open – particularly his beloved ‘dollies’ or squeak toys, and his favorite treats.

We have so many wonderful memories of Henry that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! Please know that we couldn’t have loved Henry more, and that he will always be in our hearts. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful friend.


Sweet Phoebe’s First Christmas

We wanted to send you an update on Phoebe to let you know how much we adore her.

We’ve put a lot of time into making sure Phoebe is a well-rounded dog, but she’s got such a naturally sweet personality it has been a joy to develop a bond with her. She’s so well-behaved it is hard to believe she is still a puppy. She’s never chewed anything that isn’t hers, she was very easily housebroken and has slept through the night since day one. Many of our friends who visit say they want to take her home with them.

Phoebe loves to go for walks and trips to the dog park, especially with her puppy friend, Kula. They love to chase each other and use the other as a hurdle to practice their jumping. We are hoping in the coming year to get her involved in some obedience classes and perhaps some agility as well.

Jamie’s mom recently happened to meet another poodle from your farm who lives near her home. How nice it is to find these connections with other people through our dogs! We really enjoy being part of the Fairhill Farm poodle family.

Jamie & Julia