Strudel’s Puppy Eliza meets her feline sisters

We are all doing quite well as Eliza settles into our home; no accidents, no mayhem with the cats – although one is eating her food. Cat got barked at for trying to take over Eliza’s crate and pig ear!
Eliza is having a heavy social schedule with human visitors and the cockapoo next door and she seems to be enjoying it all.  Thanks so much for letting us bring her into the family.

Nelson’s first day in his new home

Nelson & Steve

Nap Time

Nelson had a great first day in our home! He spent seven hours in the kennel beside our bed last night and there was hardly a peep out of him. He was pretty tired after his first day as a big dog.

He is eating and drinking well, has had no accidents at all and the last time he needed to go outside he went to the door. We all just love him so much. What a great addition to our household! Thank you again so much for this dear and lovely little fellow!

Steve &Johanna

Natal Day Poodles

We were just remembering that last year, on this weekend, we were bringing home two little puppies. They have grown into such nice dogs! Here are a few pictures of our vacation together in PEI in July; Remy & Nellie really enjoy playing together and have learned to love the water! Henry, Remy’s big “brother” seems to have bonded with both of them. Both Remy and Nellie have such sweet dispositions and it is hard to express what joy and fun they bring to our lives.
Happy Natal Day,
Gail & Ben and friends Charmaine & Cary

PS – Henry (formerly named McGuffin)  is also a Natal Day poodle.  It was 12 years ago that we brought him home for a “test dive” over the August long weekend and he’s still here and going strong! All three poodles have the same home-coming anniversary!


Remy & Nellie


Poodle Birthday Party

We celebrated Keira Rose and Andy’s second birthday with a party which had six standard poodles in attendance. The lucky pooches got to run and play and of course have a dip in the doggie pool. Cake was served to all the guests. All the poodles received lots of treats and goodies to take home. The guests were: Keira Rose – Black, Andy – Apricot, Darwin – Red, Scooby – Silver, Harley – Black, Sadie – Brown.

I am trying to get the poodles in the St.John area together for poodle play dates. It is a lot of fun. We have a large back yard which is great for hosting all the poodles.


SBF Punch: a tribute to all things Poodle

Punch & Jan with poodle friend

It’s taken me a few weeks to be able to let you know that we let Punch go on June 8th, 2017. His spirits were great but his body was just worn out and as the summer heat grew into the 90s he was very uncomfortable. No dog had a better life or made more friends both human and canine. Punch was a tribute to all things Poodle no matter the setting or circumstances. His good humor and good manners made him a favorite wherever he went.

Thank you again from the bottom – to the top of my heart -for entrusting us with this dog over 16 years ago.

We have another Irish Terrier puppy coming to us the end of August to fill the void…..but don’t be surprised to hear from us in the future when we are ready to once again be watched and managed by a poodle.

Best Wishes,
Brodhead, Wisconsin

Memories of Punch and his wonderful life