Our sweet guy, named Hudson, is settling in nicely.
He is easy going and affectionate -and so smart.
The kids are in love!
My youngest daughter is in the background
of this picture reading her new favourite book to Hudson.



Hudson came to work today while his mom taught yoga.
I will be his sitter when they go away on trips.
He is adorable and loved playing with dog staff, Fergus,
the Irish wolfhound – one I take care of also.

Hope all is well with you.

Faith and Hudson & Fergus
at The Doghouse

St. John’s NL

Phoebe: ready for baby brother poodle

Richard and I brought home Phoebe in August 2017. We love and cherish her so much. She is very much a “people dog” and loved by everyone she meets. She loves going for hikes, dipping her paws in the nearby river and cuddling up with us. She is especially fond of other dogs and gets along well with almost every other dog she meets.

We recently bought a new house, which has more room and a large fenced backyard. We would like to add another fairhill farm poodle to our family in the spring or summer. We would prefer a male, just to have one of each. Phoebe is not a dominate dog and is submissive with other dogs she meets. I always say, ‘she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body’ because she is so kind. She has had interactions with puppies of other breeds that have been aggressive or try to dominate and she doesn’t like that.


Mollie & Jasper: get the ball at sea or in a tree!

Here is an update on our two black sweetie-monsters. They are funny and adorable and are very bonded to each other.

Jasper smiles when he gets a tummy rub and we have to explain to people that he is smiling and not showing his pearly whites as a warning.

We were able to snowshoe with them almost every day last winter – good exercise for us all and even our Chihuahua joined in most days.

We and Mollie thank you for letting us have her little brother Jasper.

Eleanor & Ian


Just a quick note and a picture to let you know that our poodle Phinnaeous Shaw gets better every year. He is going to be five this fall and continues to be a wonderful testament to the amazing standard poodles that come from Fairhill Farm.

Phinn is a joy and simply loves everything  and everyone he meets. He is an extremely important part of our family and we love him more each day.

The Shaw Family