Puppies Available June 2017

Lulu’s  Puppies

Lulu & Keeper’s Puppies born June 23, 2017

There are eight puppies in this litter.  Five males and three females.


Mollie’s Puppies

Mollie’s Pups 4 weeks old


Mollie & Keeper’s Puppies born June 25, 2017.  Nine puppies 4 males both black and apricot and 5 females – all of the girls are black.

More About Mollie & Keeper – the parents of this litter.


Strudel’s Puppies 

All of Strudel’s and Keeper’s puppies have new homes waiting for them.


Strudel and her pups born 9 June 2017

There are six females and three males in Strudel’s healthy and thriving litter of puppies.  The males have been reserved however a few females are still available. Keeper is the sire of this brood.

More About Strudel & Keeper – the parents of this litter.