Suli – a wonderful companion

Suli is growing up to be exactly the dog we wanted: happy, good natured and a wonderful companion. He always seems to be having the time of his life, no matter what he is doing – so long as it’s with his people. We are constantly amazed at how quickly he learns and adapts to new things – especially when it is fun!

We wanted to share this photo of Suli playing ball at the neighbourhood park.

Craig and Heather

Finn sells the sofa

This is a picture I used in my ad for selling this couch. It sold in a day and I’m pretty sure it was because of the model in the foreground!

Finn is always excited and happy to go and play in the dog park. Bouncy is an understatement; all four feet off the ground over and over. People always comment on his enthusiasm and joy!

All the best
Shelagh , Rob and Finn


Our sweet guy, named Hudson, is settling in nicely.
He is easy going and affectionate -and so smart.
The kids are in love!
My youngest daughter is in the background
of this picture reading her new favourite book to Hudson.



Hudson came to work today while his mom taught yoga.
I will be his sitter when they go away on trips.
He is adorable and loved playing with dog staff, Fergus,
the Irish wolfhound – one I take care of also.

Hope all is well with you.

Faith and Hudson & Fergus
at The Doghouse

St. John’s NL

Bauble – teacher’s pet

Precious Bauble

Bauble is well and continues to make good progress. In obedience training she is the teacher’s pet and star pupil! She makes friends wherever she goes, both people and dogs, although I don’t think she realizes she is canine.

She watched the Westminster Dog Show and was very attentive for some of it, curiously tilting her head as she watched the dogs cross the TV screen. She was extremely excited when the Agility Trials came on, and although you cautioned that she might not fetch reliably she will chase and pounce, so after Obedience we may try Agility. My hope is that she will have her training complete for her Service Dog Designation by her first birthday!

As you can see in the photo she is beautiful and tremendously smart and funny.

I love her to bits!!!

Paulette and Bauble
Scottsdale, AZ

Ruby-Grace loves the snow

Gracie loves, loves, loves the snow!  She is a go, go, go kinda girl when she’s outdoors but, if you can catch her, she’s a real charmer.  Cold does not phase her one bit, and she does not like sweaters and coats.
Gracie can be a bit sassy and filled with spit n’ vinegar – but she loves to snuggle with her mama and listens very well to her poppy.
She is a very, very, very happy and pretty girl!  We love this little charmer.