Our sweet guy, named Hudson, is settling in nicely.
He is easy going and affectionate -and so smart.
The kids are in love!
My youngest daughter is in the background
of this picture reading her new favourite book to Hudson.



Hudson came to work today while his mom taught yoga.
I will be his sitter when they go away on trips.
He is adorable and loved playing with dog staff, Fergus,
the Irish wolfhound – one I take care of also.

Hope all is well with you.

Faith and Hudson & Fergus
at The Doghouse

St. John’s NL

Phoebe: ready for baby brother poodle

Richard and I brought home Phoebe in August 2017. We love and cherish her so much. She is very much a “people dog” and loved by everyone she meets. She loves going for hikes, dipping her paws in the nearby river and cuddling up with us. She is especially fond of other dogs and gets along well with almost every other dog she meets.

We recently bought a new house, which has more room and a large fenced backyard. We would like to add another fairhill farm poodle to our family in the spring or summer. We would prefer a male, just to have one of each. Phoebe is not a dominate dog and is submissive with other dogs she meets. I always say, ‘she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body’ because she is so kind. She has had interactions with puppies of other breeds that have been aggressive or try to dominate and she doesn’t like that.


Rosie the Snow Poodle

Happy New Year!

Rosie completed her level 1 obedience training with ease, we still work on the lessons and she continues to amaze us with how smart she is. At Christmas she was well behaved around the tree and our many visitors.

Rosie absolutely loves playing in the snow and sits patiently when she comes in to get her paws wiped.



Finn & Lucy Enjoy a Snowy Christmas

Finn & Lucy enjoy a winter outing

Finn & Lucy enjoy a holiday snooze

It has been a nice winter thus far, lots of aimless walks and quiet nights in front of the fireplace. I took a few weeks off over the holidays and we hiked almost every day. They are my constant companion. Only work keeps us apart and even though they are bed hogs I wouldn’t want to turn out the lights without them there.

Thank you for gift of poodles,



Enjoying the Season of Snow

Things are going great here in St. John’s. We’ve had a wonderful holiday with lots of snow for outdoor activity. Last night we all went sledding – Waylon and Sally included. The snow is perfect for running and chasing. Sally continues to outrun Waylon. And Waylon continues to be frustrated by her speed and agility! Despite the challenge of catching her, he’s stubborn and doesn’t give in. The result: two very exhausted but happy poodles.

Today was mild, with light fluffy snow – perfect for a family walk through the park. We rarely get a ‘family picture’…. but here it is.

Here’s to a healthy and exciting 2018.
– Ingrid & family

Sweet Phoebe’s First Christmas

We wanted to send you an update on Phoebe to let you know how much we adore her.

We’ve put a lot of time into making sure Phoebe is a well-rounded dog, but she’s got such a naturally sweet personality it has been a joy to develop a bond with her. She’s so well-behaved it is hard to believe she is still a puppy. She’s never chewed anything that isn’t hers, she was very easily housebroken and has slept through the night since day one. Many of our friends who visit say they want to take her home with them.

Phoebe loves to go for walks and trips to the dog park, especially with her puppy friend, Kula. They love to chase each other and use the other as a hurdle to practice their jumping. We are hoping in the coming year to get her involved in some obedience classes and perhaps some agility as well.

Jamie’s mom recently happened to meet another poodle from your farm who lives near her home. How nice it is to find these connections with other people through our dogs! We really enjoy being part of the Fairhill Farm poodle family.

Jamie & Julia

Bridget – a gem of a poodle


This is our Bridget, now three years old. She is fun and smart and a joy to be around. I was visiting your website and saw a video of your farm which I have always loved. Is it up for sale? I want to wish you all the best and hope that you will still be breeding poodles. Your dogs stand out from all the other dogs here. We are constantly asked where we got our wonderful Bridget. I wanted you to know how beautiful she is and thank you for breeding such a gem.
Take care,
Mount Pearl

Reply:  Yes, the farm is for sale.  It is time for me to move to  a home on a smaller scale.   The poodles will be coming with me and I expect to continue being the godmother to puppies for many years.  Kathryn


Sally & Waylon

Sally & Waylon at Gooseberry Cove

Tomorrow will be one year since we first met our girl Sally! It’s hard to imagine it’s been a year already, but then it’s hard to remember life without her love and sweetness.

Sally enjoys being the children’s constant companion. Both love her dearly and enjoy lots of kisses from her. She’s much more outwardly affectionate than brother Waylon… but he’s the jealous one and comes looking for lots of cuddles if she gets the attention first.

It’s difficult to say which dog relies on the other more. Waylon looks for Sally as soon as he wakes in the morning (he sleeps in our room, Sally sleeps in the room the children share), and she follows him everywhere.

She has been known to cross our quiet street on occasion if she sees young children playing in the field. And she’s very comfortable with hugs and cuddles from adoring children.

Waylon is my boy. He remains a very well trained refined boy, and has certainly shown Miss Sally the ropes. He’s always fast to respond to recall while out on hikes, and is a faithful gentle dog. They go for stroller walks with me daily. I am always so proud of the two of them! I can easily walk with both hands on the stroller and both leashes around one wrist for the duration of the walk. Even with other excited dogs approaching us, they look to my cue and go into a sit when requested, patiently waiting for my “ok” to resume our walk.

They love running off leash when we get to the back trails. They run so fast but Waylon is not quite as fast as Sally. This works great when she gets to the ball first. Waylon hates not having the ball to return for the next toss…. and Sally loves to be chased!!

They give us so much joy on a daily basis. We are completely smitten with these two scallywags! Although… I have to add what happened today. It’s been a busy few days, and we were all looking forward to a relaxing BBG. Sean had just finished with the steaks, and placed the food on the table. He turned his back for a few minutes… and Sally had stolen his steak!! She had never taken food before, and got a quick rap on the nose, along with quite a few ‘Bad Sally’s’. Waylon wanted nothing at all to do with her. He came straight to my feet (in another room), and stayed there. Sally went outside for a few minutes. Once she came back in, she looked for Sean’s approval, and stayed close to him all evening. We will keep an eye on her, but I have to say she knew how to grab the steak and not the salad!