Bertie just got his first real hair cut and he came home looking so cute that I thought I would send you a photo of him.

Bertie 2

Although my husband wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of our getting a poodle, he mentions at least every other day how much affection he now feels for Bertie. He really is a very personable dog. When he knows we are going out to walk he does a little dance, if I am lying on the couch reading he comes an puts his head on my shoulder, he trots after me as I go about my chores and now that we have a couple of feet of snow he is treating it as if it were water to jump through. He delights in running around in it and coming into the house caked with snow and then shaking himself off.

We hosted 48 people for Thanksgiving and the amount of compliments I got on his personality and demeanor would have made you proud. He was calm, friendly and mellow. No one could believe that a puppy would be so easy going with so many people around.

My 15 month old granddaughter is still not terribly steady on her feet and he can knock her over in his rush to get to me, but she has learned that if she pushes him on the shoulder he will give way! The 6 year old boys are happy to run outside with him and throw him a Frisbee and are determined to teach him to jump through a hula hoop.

He is fully housebroken, but we still have work to do on some basic commands such as “come” which he seems to think is optional depending upon what other choices he might want — such as to play outside. He walks at heel when he is on a leash and we go for our walks which makes it very nice for me that I don’t have a dog pulling me along.

I want to thank you – you chose well for me and my family. I love having Bertie as my companion and find him entertaining and personable, gentle yet lively and in every way a dog to love!

Phyllis, New York