Gracie in Antigonish

Dear Mom,

 I’m writing to let you know how Gracie new home smallerhappy I am in my new home. I’ve had lots of fun since arriving and everyone really loves me. At first I lived at the cottage and that was great because I love seaweed…it’s lots of fun to nose around in and then toss into the air. I like the ocean but only up to my belly…maybe next summer I’ll go for a real swim.

 Last weekend we moved back home to the country. I like it even more because there are fields to run in, lots of butterflies to catch, a pony (not as big as Draco) and two cats that always want me to chase them. It’s OK because when I chase them everyone yells “go, go” (or maybe they’re saying “no, no”)…anyway it’s fun and the cats don’t mind it too much. I’ve only had one little accident (a puddle) on the floor and I’ve realized that every time I go anywhere near a door, people will jump up and take me outside, which I really love. Last night I went to the door and gave a little whimper to go out…I got two treats for that one!

 Everyone thinks I’m really smart and they tell people I’m a perfect puppy. I only spent a few nights in that crate, now I sleep in my doggy bed where I can really stretch out and I sleep right through the night. I’m usually called Gracie, but sometimes they call me Good Gracie and at special times, Great Gracie. I really like it here.

 Bye for now,