Gracie’s First Visit to Groomer

Hi Mom

I’m sending  two pictures…one before I went for my first grooming session and one from after

Gracie Looking Pretty

Gracie Looking Pretty

Gracie in need of a Trim

  All is great here in Antigonish. As you can see I’m growing up and l’m learning lots of new things. I can now reach just about everything on the kitchen counter which I think is very helpful to the family.

My new Mom is trying very hard to teach me how to walk properly on a leash, but there are just so many things to smell and chase when we go for walks that it’s hard for me to concentrate but I am trying.

I am no longer allowed to sit on anyone’s lap and I don’t understand why. Mom says I’m a miniature trapped in the body of a standard, whatever that means.


Gracie xo