Merry Christmas from Gracie & family

 Hello Mom

 I’m very excited about my first Christmas.  Since I’ve been so good I know Santa is going to leave a few nice treats for me.

I think you know that I wasn’t feeling well for awhile this fall. At first the doctor thought I had a throat infection and I was on antibiotics for 10 days. However my cough came back and seemed to be worse so Mom took me to another vet who said he thought it was lungworm…yuck …so I had to take another medication and it worked!!   I haven’t coughed in weeks and since I never lost my appetite for food or a good time, the vet said it wasn’t anything too serious. He said that country dogs (that would include field poodles like me) often get lungworm and it’s easily treated.

On a happier note, my new Mom and I have a trainer who comes to our house once a week to teach me how to behave – and so far I sit, lie down, stand, stay and walk on a loose leash.  All things I knew how to do before, but now when they make a funny move with their hand I do them automatically. My trainer, Ian, says that I’m a trainer’s dream.  In the New Year, we’ll be working on coming when called (I’m planning to give them a run for their money on that one) and how to not get too excited and jump all over people when they come to visit: don’t blame me, I can’t help it I just love folks. Also in the New Year we’ll be going to a class and there will be lots of other dogs and people which will be fun.

I’ve been to the groomers a few times and also stayed in a very nice doggy hotel one night when Mom had to go away.  I was excellent at both.

I hope you and everyone at Fairhill Farm will have a great Christmas and I’ll send some pictures in the New Year.

Woof Woof for now,

Gracie and Anne