Linda & Woody

Dear Kathryn,

Woodrow is thriving1.Linda & Woody winter SS at twenty-six months and is very comfortable with his lifestyle.  For me he is a source of pride in all of our daily activities; a star at the groomer’s and a joy for those he meets along our walks.

At home he enjoys nature programs on T.V., has his own chair next to the fireplace, a box of toys and fresh food.  He is crate-free now when I leave the house and all is fine.  He loves his jaunts to Fairhill Farm on Fridays and has made friends with the colt, Forza.

On our last visit the farm was so beautiful resting among the wintery fields with endless blue sky, happy, healthy animals, peace and quiet, fresh air and an airborne standard poodle!

Best wishes,  Linda & Woody