Farewell Lucienne

Dear Kathryn,

We are very sad to report that we said goodbye to Nova Lucienne last Sunday. We are devastated and miss her terribly.

 Last Sunday late morning she started displaying some indications of discomfort. Nothing dramatic, but she seemed uncomfortable for no apparent reason. We took her to the emergency hospital and by the time the doctor came in, which was not long, her abdomen was quite tender. We decided not to put her through surgery . . . to gain what might be just a few more months .

We are very thankful that we were home with her to comfort her as she passed. I know all dog parents are biased, but Luci really was quite remarkable. Physically, she was a specimen. She was a beautiful mover and she maintained her musculature and grace. Albert calculated that they probably ran around 3,600 miles together and she probably would have enjoyed a thousand more. Her personality was just as beautiful. She loved people and made everyone who came to our home feel welcomed. We never worried about her with children or adults.

 Thank you for such a wonderful dog and for breeding for health and temperament. It gives us some  comfort to see the other poodles on your website and to know that many of the qualities that Luci had are living in your other dogs and those dogs are bringing their people just as much joy as she brought us.

 Sincerely,  Albert and Jamie


Gracie’s first winter

Gracie plays in snow 2013Hi Mom

Do you like winter?  I sure do and have really enjoyed my first one. I love racing around in the snow and sticking my head in snow banks. It’s great fun.  I love to eat, especially treats. I finished my lessons with our trainer and did very well…he said I was a “trainer’s dream”…and in the spring I’ll be going to classes with other dogs (mostly because I’m a little scared of them) and my Mom is putting me in day care at least once a week so that I can make friends and have other dogs to play with.  I think I’ll have fun once I get used to it.    

Woof . . . Woof !!   Gracie


Brier is such a fantastic dog. We have had a great week.   He is definitely a family member and has slipped right in like he was always here.  He has wonderful manners, he caught on immediately to sitting on the mat when he comes in to get his collar and lead off.  

He goes right in his kennel to sleep without a hitch.  We have been keeping the kennel by the bed and for the first two nights I just stuck my fingers in the door got a couple of licks and he would settle.  He settles with no problem now.  His picture is on the front of all of Maddison’s valentine cards to pass out tomorrow.  He is a wonderful dog!!!         Jan, Oliver & family
Brier & OliverBrier new homeBier & Madison
February 16th – Brier Update
We had Brier down on the Marsh today for his first really long walk. His nose was working overtime!  He just loved it; and crashed when he got home.

We have had to get a larger kennel for him to sleep in: he is growing fast. He is great about going in – we did as you suggested and put him in at random times during the day and left the house for different periods of time and he adjusted to it perfectly. All we have to do is open the door and he trots in and lies down. He waits patiently for us to open it when we come home. No barking or whining when we come home.

 He has also started to play fetch with us. He loves chasing the ball down the hall and will bring it back. He is not dropping it yet but will let us take it to throw again and again. He has a lot of chew toys and ones that we have made out of old t-shirts, etc. To keep it fresh for him we pile them into a container for him to dig through and drag out one at a time. He loves it – just like finding and old favorite all over again!

Ella Fashion Poodle

Ella in Fashion ShowElla participated in the Heart and Stroke fund raiser fashion show in St. John’s last night.
Needless to say she stole the show!
Feathers in her ears and all!
I can’t believe what a wonderful dog and companion she is.
Here is a photo of her with one of my staff who modeled with her.
FaithElla in snow fashion 
P.S. Ella is also very fashionsble when dressed for an outing in Newfoundland winter weather. Here she models her snow suit with mukkluks.