Fineegan & Karla Codner spring 2013Thank you so much for our beautiful little boy. Finnegan is growing like a weed! 

We’ve gained and lost much since the start of the new year. Sadly, we recently lost a family member to cancer, which makes the presence of such a bright spark of life and unfettered joy a real source of happiness for us. Finnegan is the perfect supplement to our lives. He enhances and completes our picture in so many ways.

Thankfully, winter is finally done and spring is in full swing in St. John’s so that means that Finnegan is discovering new play things now that the snow is gone. The tall stands of grass in the fields near our house always attract his attention and usually end up in a mix of running & bouncing at full speed with several dramatic tumbles thrown in for good measure. He could give Christopher Robin’s Tigger a lesson or two. He is also a real people magnet and has been known to literally stop traffic on our busy street as drivers gawk and fumble with questions while trying to remember that they are blocking traffic. 

We have done a few small trips with him and he has made them better. He’s explored the local farm lands, the coastal trails as well as a few of the small coves and bays of outport Newfoundland. He’s wandered the beaches and paths and even made friends with a young fox who came to our camp fire for a visit one night.

Finnegan is doing well at school and has become the teacher’s pet; she calls on him over and over to demonstrate sit, stand, stay and come lessons to the rest of the class. We are going to start therapy dog training when he is old enough but for now it’s just the basics. In truth, I’m not sure who’s teaching whom.

 Finnegan and family



Jake & Lily: getting acquainted

Lily is fitting in unbelievably well with our family. She and Jake are great friends. Jake plays with her and acts like a puppy again.

Most amazing are the cats. They have been so good with her; not an unsheathed claw ever, despite lots of sniffing and rubbing up against each other.

Lily is very different from Jake. I have never had such a self-possessed little dog. She has an inscrutable little face.  Jake and Minnie talk to us with their eyes but it is hard to know what is going on in Lily’s head.

She still spends a lot of time looking for the next thing to chew. She sits on command and comes to a whistle.  She is a funny, happy little puppy and she makes us laugh.  We are totally besotted with her.

Margo & John