Letter from Pollyanna

Polly & Darrell 2013Dear Fairhill Farm Mom,

It has been hellish hot here in Vancouver. Most days are around 26 degrees and some days are hotter. I hate it. New mom has to take me out for my morning walks at around 8 AM so I can go to the beach and play and not get too hot. You will not be surprised to hear she carries a water bowl with her.  If I won’t drink water then she wets the pads of my feet with water and sprinkles it over my head and back.  Don’t tell any of the poodles on the farm because it is EMBARRASSING.

I have just gotten over some fleas. They were everywhere. B.C. mom was on her high horse about not using Advantage because it is a chemical. But she had to give in because she had these huge bites on her legs. Turns out SHE is allergic to fleas. Anyway, I am feeling much better. She blamed the babysitter who stayed with me while she was in visiting in Nova Scotia. The babysitter let me roll around in the nice bead grass to my heart’s content. My  mom doesn’t like me doing that!! But she left me alone so that’s what she got: lots of fleas!

This morning we met some people with a Dalmation who were very taken with my 60’s style Go-Go boots. They said they wanted to grow some on their dog. FAT CHANCE.
Here are some recent photos of ME trying to keep cool and hanging out with my nutty 
Polly outdoor cafefamily in LaLa land.  I have to go now and lie in front of the garden door. I discovered a squirrel in my garden this week so I need to keep an eye on the tree where he was last seen.
Lovingly yours, POLS

The golden girls of Fairhill Farm

A poodle mama’s best years for raising puppies comes to an end in the prime of her life, which is about age five or six for most dogs.

Three of our girls have found a happy retirement in Moncton, New Brunswick with Tammy of Hair Off the Dog groomer. They live a life full of good friends, both people and doggy, and obvious great attention to great food, grooming and personal care. (I wish my hair looked that good!)

Here are Zelda, Blackberry Belle and her daughter, Blossom Belle, enjoying their golden years together in a retirement full of luxury and love without the nuisance of nipping and yipping grand-puppies and great grand-puppies.

Zelda Berry & Blossom summer 2013 B&W

Photo courtesy of T.L.C Photography, Moncton New Brunswick