Loveable Otto

It’s been seven years and I wanted to send along an update on our special boy, Otto. He is much loved by my two boys who are 10 and 7. He is the most well behaved and loveable fellow. He is a great barker and stands on guard when we are away. He is very sociable with other dogs and loves to go running with me. He refuses to fetch or swim but he will if he thinks I’m drowning! What a great dog he is..thank you.       Kim

Loveable Otto

Loveable Otto

Kurt, the poodle, watches puppy cam

Our 3-year-old standard, Kurt, has taken to going into our computer room and barking at the monitor looking for his puppy buddies. You can hear him start to whine toward the end of the clip – this is a mild reaction for him. He will also come into the room and put his front paws up, looking behind the monitor for his buddies. He is going to be so ready for his new friend!  Peggy

Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail scout

Finn is quite the trail companion. He seems to enjoy the job of scouting. He likes to run ahead along the trails but always staying within sight. He’s a treasure to us.

This is a photo of Finn on a recent hike from Bay Bulls to the abandoned community site of Freshwater that lies along the east coast trail.      Keith & Carla

Finn on Newfoundland's East Coast Trail overlooking North Atlantic

Finn on Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail overlooking North Atlantic


Bay Bulls: East Coast Trail, Newfoundland

Bay Bulls: East Coast Trail, Newfoundland

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Finnegan & falling autumn leaves

Finn in leaf pile 2013It’s fall on the island and Finnegan is growing like a weed. He’s over 50lbs now.

He’s my walking and riding buddy for exploring the back-roads and abandoned trails around the Avalon Peninsula. He loves going in the jeep and crawling along many of the old roads and paths in the area.

Finn is enjoying the change in season and is constantly exploring every pile of leaves we come across. He is such a great addition to our lives.

Keith & Karla

Finn in autumn leaves 2013