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Punch of Eastleigh House

Punch of Eastleigh House

Just wanted to say I have so enjoyed watching the latest litter of puppies grow via the posted videos! I especially like seeing them outside in the snow…reminded me of the first photo you sent me of my Punch when he was a wee pup! Almost 13 years later and he still loves the snow—although its best if the path is shoveled or if someone goes first! But with a jacket on he’s happy to sit on a pile of snow and watch the world go by! Currently, he is beside me on the couch as I work on the laptop. 

I know that all the pups will find great homes and folks will tell you how grateful they are to have a Fairhill Farm Poodle!  I know we are.

Happy Christmas to you and yours,

Jan and Susie
Eastleigh House
Greenfield, New Hampshire


Strudel’s Pups: news from new home fronts

We wanted to let you know how we are making out with Jake. He is perfect. He howled all the way home in the car but it wasn’t very far and he was fine when we arrived. He loves the outdoors especially playing in the snow. Our daughters and granddaughters came to see him that first evening and were impressed and surprised how big he had grown.

The fist night we put him in his crate, he cried a few minutes and then settled in and we only heard him a few times moving around. He slept for 8 hours and then we took him out to pee. On the second night he only made a fuss for a minute and then we never heard him all night. PERFECT! He (or we) are doing great in the bathroom department.

He will be the hit of our family’s Christmas . He may have “golden age” parents but he will have lots of stimulation by the rest of the family.

Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.

Marg and Ary
Kentville, NS


Waylon snoozing on the first day in his new home

Waylon snoozing on the first day in his new home

Waylon is adjusting very well; no whining or fretting. He’s had multiple pees outside, and none (as yet) inside. A very successful first day for sure! He’s napping on our son Roan’s floor, and Roan is loving his new buddy. Waylon is eating well and very active, although relaxed and laid back. We are so happy with our new puppy. Thank you very much in this exciting new chapter! We’ll keep some pictures coming. 



Phinneas  of Fredericton, NB enjoying his new home: outside and inside!

Phinnaes enjoying the snow in his new home

Phinnaes enjoying the snow in his new home


Phinn napping after victory in tussle with hedgehog

Phinn napping after victory in tussle with hedgehog

JAZZ: embracing the Canadian winter

Just a note to wish all a happy holiday season and to celebrate that Jazz was one year old yesterday.  He is a very good companion; a lot of fun but also calm and easy to train (if only I were a good trainer).  One thing I appreciate, living in a city, is that he pees and poops on command, not just anywhere. This is especially good when it is -15 degrees and I do not want to walk far from the house.
Judith in Ottawa
There is Outdoors: So much fun! 
Jazz snow in winter 2013
Or Indoors: Poodle heaven!
Jazz winter comforts 2013


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