Levi Settles into His New Home

Levi Enjoying the Comforts of Home

Levi Enjoying the Comforts of Home

Levi has settled in quite well and we enjoy having him in our lives. He is truly loving, sweet and very smart. He has completed his shots and the vet tell us he is quite healthy. Thanks again for keeping him for us until we were settled in our new home; it was appreciated. We tell our friends we have gotten a tall, blond handsome young lad.

Daniel & Anna-Marie

Finn Enjoying Late Snow

Finn Enjoying Snow

Finn Enjoying Snow

Finn likes working with me in the yard. I cut firewood, and he does laps around his self-designed race track between random sneak attacks on me. He has formed a race track with corner embankments so he can hold his speed all around. I’m  amazed at how he makes me smile and laugh with his antics even when winter is wearing everyone else down – yes, even the Newfoundlanders!  He brings me so much joy.


Finn: Newfoundland’s Enthusiastic Snow Poodle

Finn on Winter Lake of Avalon Penninsula

Finn on Winter Lake of Avalon Peninsula

 It’s been a very cold and snowy winter on the Avalon Peninsula. This is the hardest winter we’ve had in years and Finn is loving it. I’m always surprised how much he likes the snow: rolling in it, digging in it, running over it and lying down in snow banks. The colder and snowier the better Finn likes it!

Finn is doing great and enriching our lives more and more every day.  He is a treasure to us, even if he hogs all the leg space in the bed.
I thought I’d pass along some pics of our winter hikes.

Best Regards,
Keith and Karla