Winnie - pensive

Winnie – pensive

Winnie is absolutely the best poodle we ever could have hoped for.  She loves to sleep-in and cuddle in the mornings and then a switch flips and she spends the rest of the day in wild puppy mode; racing around the house and yard. We have successfully completed puppy school, and she is wonderful to take to parks and on long walks.

Winnie - playful

Winnie – playful


We love Winnie and cannot imagine life without her. 

Thank you for such a wonderful creature.

Katie & Mark


Macallan of Tucson

It has been warm in Tucson since January.  We never had a winter so Mac was introduced to warm weather upon his arrival.

Mac - the shaggy poodle

Mac – the shaggy poodle

Here are before and after photos of him. Our vet didn’t want us to take him to a groomer too soon because there have been many cases of Parvo virus.  So we had to let his hair grow – what a shaggy dog he became!

Mac, at 54 lbs,  has surpassed our four year old poodle, Kurt,  and is almost as tall at the shoulder.  Note the short hair length on Kurt’s ears: Mac decided those  ears were the best chew toy around and they were always a wet, soggy mess. So Kurt gets his ears cut “to the leather” until Mac grows out of this phase.

The two of them are attending dog training together.   The trainer thinks Mac is very handsome.  Mac is a daily delight; full of life and absolutely gorgeous!      Peggy

Kurt and Mac - all spiffed up for spring

Kurt and Mac – all spiffed up for spring

Abby on the Charles: A Long and Happy Life

Abby in scarf lovingly knit just for her

Abby in scarf lovingly knit just for her

Fourteen years ago we purchased a beautiful apricot poodle puppy from you whom we named Abby, registered as Fairhill Farm’s Abby on the Charles. She was a gift in our lives. Sadly, this weekend we needed to say goodbye to her. There was not one health issue in her entire life until a few months ago when our vet found a carcinoma which made her quality of life quite poor.

Abby brought us great joy. We kept her hair clipped short in a very nontraditional poodle look. She ran like the wind and had quite the reputation in our off leash woods for leaping over rocks and fallen trees, her front paws tucked elegantly under her, looking completely airborne. She remained thin her entire life, and because her coat was clipped so short, everyone asked what kind of dog she was, always thinking she was a greyhound.

I wanted to let you know that Abby had a long and very healthy life, and was our joy.

Joan Oustifine
Watertown, MA

Farewell Jake: Your love will live in our hearts

Jake deteriorated until his legs
could support him no longer.

last night I dreamed
I was in a house
it was mid winter
and John came in
stamping the snow
off his boots,he had
a stick to throw
in his hand.
and Jake was by his side
jumping in anticipation
John said “he’s all better”

and when I woke
somehow I knew
this was the day.

sweet dog
with gentle eyes
Jake knew nothing
but love all his life
and reflected it.

he left having had a breakfast
of his favourites:
at treats,roasted chicken breast
bologna,chicken wiener
and french vanilla ice cream.

i walked down to the bridge
to open the gate for Denise
coming from our vets office
a cool but lovely sunny morning
the waterfall was singing
as were the birds
a cacophony of life.

and I thought “to every thing there is a season”
over used but so appropriate.

so good bye our treasured boy
there was none like you – ever.

I thought of the old song
“when I grow too old to dream
your love will live in my heart”


John Evans old pal Jake

John Evans old pal Jake

Laughing Blaize: Lovingly Remembered

Blaize Laughing

Blaize Laughing

Many years ago we had Blaize flown to us in Baton Rouge, LA.  He was a great friend for twelve years. He’s been gone now for almost two years.

Blaize came to work with me for over 8 years. I am a psychotherapist and he made a wonderful therapy dog.

My husband and I have hesitated to get a new poodle because we just don’t know if there would be ANY pup out there as wonderful as Blaize.

Thanks again, for sending us the most wonderful pup we could have ever asked for and we still miss him so very much.