Macallan of Tucson

It has been warm in Tucson since January.  We never had a winter so Mac was introduced to warm weather upon his arrival.

Mac - the shaggy poodle

Mac – the shaggy poodle

Here are before and after photos of him. Our vet didn’t want us to take him to a groomer too soon because there have been many cases of Parvo virus.  So we had to let his hair grow – what a shaggy dog he became!

Mac, at 54 lbs,  has surpassed our four year old poodle, Kurt,  and is almost as tall at the shoulder.  Note the short hair length on Kurt’s ears: Mac decided those  ears were the best chew toy around and they were always a wet, soggy mess. So Kurt gets his ears cut “to the leather” until Mac grows out of this phase.

The two of them are attending dog training together.   The trainer thinks Mac is very handsome.  Mac is a daily delight; full of life and absolutely gorgeous!      Peggy

Kurt and Mac - all spiffed up for spring

Kurt and Mac – all spiffed up for spring

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