Kiku – enjoying life to the fullest

Kiku on sailboatI got Kiku as a puppy early in 2000 when I was living in Nova Scotia.  A year later I had to give her to friends  because I was coming to Colorado for graduate school and couldn’t accommodate her.
Kiku has run free all of her life – a very athletic dog, and a sailor as you can see in the photo of her with my friend taken two year ago. Although nearly fifteen years old she is healthy and active and I miss her still. 
Thanks for raising beautiful, wonderful dogs.
Very best,
Ginger Brooks

Polly in Verdant Vancouver – a great place to age well

I wanted to send along a report as I am so pleased with how Polly is aging.

She had a recent check-up at the vet and was pronounced extremely healthy.  What really impressed the vet was her flexibility–she was able to get Pols to extend her back legs out at a perfect angle. I had no idea she had that kind of flexibility and she’ll be 10 in March.

She is such a wonderful dog–thank you again for letting me have her in my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful to have her as my best four legged friend. She is utterly devoted and takes very good care of me as well . She has taken up squirrel hunting so every day we go out to find some.

Cindy & Polly

Polly Squirrel Spotting

Polly Squirrel Spotting