Winston enjoys new baby brother

Winston and NoahWe have been so blessed to have Winston in our lives. Winston will be six this year. He makes every day interesting and is a very loyal, lovable companion. He is so unbelievably intelligent and always listens.

Winston became a big brother in July 2013 and has been the best big brother we could have ever hoped for. He wasn’t sure about the crying at first and would imitate the baby but has grown to love his two legged brother very much. Noah will take the toys over to Winston to play and Winston will very gently take the toy from him and then shake it all around which causes Noah to have the deepest belly giggle ever!


Melissa, Anthony & Noah
Calgary, AB


New Year’s snowfall in Tucson, AZ

Mac in Tucson, AZ  New Year day: memories of Nova Scotia homeWe woke up to a light dusting of snow on New Years Day. Mac wasn’t sure what to do but he did eat chunks of snow off of his yard toys. Mac is almost 80 lbs and jumps everywhere. We try to tire him out with lots of walking, running, and playing.

Tucson, Arizona

New Year’s Update from Phinnaeous of Fredericton

Phinn enjoying a romp in the snow of his backyard.

Phinn enjoying a romp in the snow of his backyard.

Phinnaeous has been our boy for just over a year and we can’t tell you how wonderful he is! He is quite simply the best poodle ever!

He is just under 70lbs and is a very healthy and happy pup. He has had “free range” of our home since he was six months old and has never chewed, destroyed or otherwise damaged anything in home. He has a wonderful calico cat “sister” that he loves (sometimes to the point of annoyance) and she considers him “her dog”. He runs around our ample property several times a day and he can run like the wind! Phinn is also very agile and exudes happiness when he romps and plays.

Phinn has his coat groomed about every six weeks, nothing too fancy but definitely a poodle cut. His groomer always reports what a good boy he is during his session. He is gentle and loving and calm most of the time to the point of being zen! He loves “his people” and he is never far from our side.

Thank you Kathryn for this most amazing poodle boy. We love him so much and he returns that tenfold.

Happy New Year to you and the poodle family.

Bev, Kent and Phinn
Fredericton, NB