Brodie: Fond memories of a one-of-a-kind poodle



My family and I bought an apricot female poodle from you in October 2000. We had to say goodbye to her on February 24th. We all wanted you to know how much she was loved and how much love she brought into our family. She was a terrific dog, and we thank you sincerely for the part you played in bringing her into our lives.

I remember clearly the extensive research I did trying to find a good breeder of standard poodles and how it became apparent that it was more difficult than expected. We found one or two breeders in the states who had only white or black dogs, but we wanted an apricot. When we found you, communicated with you, with previous customers of yours and saw the pups on your website, we felt confident that in spite of the thousands of miles that separated us, getting a puppy from you was the right thing to do. We never regretted it.

Brodie was an extremely healthy dog, up until her last few months. We used the same local vet for her throughout her life, and as she aged he often marveled at what a healthy and happy dog she was. Everyone who knew her agreed she was one of a kind. She weathered my son growing and leaving the house, a granddaughter born in 2003 who grew up always knowing Brodie would be there to love and be loved, and countless trips with me; walking, riding a bike, or driving. I’ve owned several convertibles over the years, and we attracted a lot of attention driving down the road with Brodie sitting up straight in the front seat, ears blowing in the wind, looking poised, dignified and stately.

Thank you.

Jim Lloyd
Vancouver, Washington

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