RudyI wanted to give you an update on Rudy.* After her illness last fall, she is now back up to her normal weight, her usual activity level and her bubbly personality. Two things, however, have changed. She sleeps a little more through the day, which may be normal for a five year old dog. When she was her sickest covered her with blankets to keep her warm. Now she still likes to sleep covered in a blanket. She has perfected the art of getting up off her bed with the blanket over her like a horse blanket. Most times she can make it to the window to check things out and get back into bed with the blanket still on!

Rudy is an important part of our family and gives us great pleasure.


* Rudy was very ill in the fall of 2014 from a tick borne infection, not Lyme disease but with similar autoimmune effects.  With loving home care, and astute veterinary guidance, Rudy’s family was able to see her thru what could have been a fatal illness.