Lincoln turns two years old

Lincoln 2 yrs oldLincoln turned two today and weighs in at sixty-seven pounds. He celebrated his birthday with a new toy, some peanut butter treats and a new bar of shampoo. To end off Lincoln’s wonderful day he played lots of ball outside.

Thank you for the lovely joy of Lincoln in our lives.

Happy Birthday to all the puppies who are celebrating birthdays today!!

Lots of love,
Lincoln and Family

Alistair & Oliver: brother bonding

Alistair is amazing! He is settling in very well. He is confident and charming.

Oliver was definitely a little pouty when he realized he had to share his space, his toys, Ms. Maddie and Me! but he has quickly returned to his usual happy-go-lucky self.

Oliver & Alistair: Keeper's boys bonding

Oliver & Alistair: Keeper’s boys bonding

Alistair & Ms. Maddie the Comforter

Alistair & Ms. Maddie the Comforter

Wonderful Phinn

Phinn & favorite toy, Ducky

Phinn & favorite toy, Ducky

Phinn turned two on October 23rd and is quite simply just a wonderful poodle! I’m sure we are biased like most proud “parents” would be. He brings joy to our days, loyal beyond imagine, and always makes us laugh with his poodle antics.

We are constantly amused at how he “manages” all his toys. He keeps them spread out over the house like a toddler would. He gets a little anxious when we pick them all up and put them in one place and will spend hours relocating them back to the places he thinks they should be.

Phinny loves playing outside and will be especially excited to see winter come again and all of the fun deep snow brings. He is a great walker on leash and is really good at playing fetch with his throw toys.

On Dec 19 it will be 2 years that he has been with us and we just can’t imagine our family without this very special boy.

Bev & Kent