Primah & doggy friend Primah & Jillian

Primah is an intelligent, graceful, loyal girl. She’s all I’ve ever wanted in a dog and much more! I am grateful to have such a wonderful creature in my life who fills me with so much joy!

Kind regards

Late Arrivals

Lulu’s puppies that require an airplane to travel to their new homes have had an extra long wait for the hectic holiday traffic to subside and make room for the special care “live cargo” requires.

First to arrive in his new home is Finnegan now happily in the arms of new owner Shelagh.

Finnegan arrives safely in Calgary

Finnegan arrives safely in Calgary


Friday January 15th

An airport embrace in St.John's

An airport embrace in St.John’s


Sagi Remembered

little Sagi

little Sagi

big Sagi

big Sagi

fun on the beach

fun Sagi

sweet Sagi and kitty

sweet Sagi

Sagi was a special poodle.  From the start, he stood out in  his litter as a special little guy with a big personality.  Although his life was too short it was filled with his awesome and unique joy.  He left an unforgetable mark on the people who knew him and especially those that loved him.