Ivy of Ipsifendus

Ivy & Squeaky chicken

Ivy & Squeaky chicken

After a vigorous morning workout  Ivy of Ipsifendus enjoys a well deserved rest with her good friend the squeaky chicken.

Ivy is a blast!  She’s beautiful, athletic, elegant and above all cuddly, my favorite attribute. She also loves having a bath, which is very handy when you live in the country and enjoy puddles. 
It’s hilarious to watch the interactions between her and the cats and  I’m pleased that she has an appropriate respect for the horses. 
She’s a great dog, I adore her.  She adores everyone.

The Ipsifendus Whiskery

Phinnaeous soaks up early spring sunshine

Phinn_Mar 20_2016

Phinn on Canada Trail in New Brunswick

This amazing poodle you have entrusted to our care rewards us each and every day with his loyalty and love. He is such a good boy and so in tune with his people (and his cat). He is simply the best dog ever and we can’t thank you enough for him. He is now almost 2 ½ years old and just gets better every day.

Bev & Kent
Phinn and Chloe (cat)

Keira and her Nova Scotia heritage rock

Keira in Rockwood Park

Rockwood Park in St. John New Brunswick has representative momuments of all the provinces represented by native stone.  Keira poses here with the rock from Nova Scotia – her birthplace.

“She is such a joy.  Very loving, laid back, loves everyone she meets, loves playing with other dogs and can be quite a dainty little lady.  We are having so much fun with her.”