Foster – a faithful family friend

Foster & his family

Foster & his family

More than fourteen years ago we met at your farm for our family to pick out a puppy. You sat our two young children on the floor and then brought out three puppies for them to play with. As we talked it became obvious that one puppy had chosen our daughter. Foster has been a constant companion ever since. I cannot tell you all the love that dog has given and received over the years. Although Foster is now our “old man” and has slowed down considerably, he is still healthy and able to travel with us around the province.

Thank you for having the integrity to breed dogs that are healthy and have wonderful personalities. Foster was easy to train and has never been anything but kind and gentle with everyone he met. We are blessed to have him as part of our family.


Simon – a special poodle’s life


Simon & Vicki

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share this special poodle’s life.
He was my shadow. Where I went, he went.
He asked for nothing but gave me so much.
Over the years other dogs came and went; my kids’ various pups –
all breeds, sizes and dispositions that I fostered and dog-sat.
Simon took it all in stride; made friends with some, ignored the trouble makers.
We walked old logging roads around our home over and over.. he loved the woods.
This past year his joints started letting him down ‘tho he never complained.
We got some anti-inflammatory meds from the vet and he was as good as new – almost.
He could jump up on the bed again… that’s all that really mattered.
But this past few weeks moving was clearly too painful for him.
We made our final trip to the vet early Tuesday morning.

We had a lovely life together.
Thank you,


Sophia finds a new home

Sophia new  homeWe just love Sophia to pieces! She has gained ten pounds and we walk at least four km daily and play fetch in the yard. We can trust her to be let out around the property on her own and she prefers to be outdoors.

What a beautiful poodle. We accept compliments about her all the time.