Punch writes home

An update, penned by Punch, formerly of New Hampshire, sent in by his owner and admirer Jan Moller.

Greetings to friends at Fairhill Farm:

Last fall my family and I moved from New Hampshire to Wisconsin so I could be closer to my toddler-sized grand-nephews. I enjoy having them over to visit me.

I am still going for my morning walk, love a ride in the car and have a new not-so-high-off-the-floor bed on which to ease my 15+ year old body. I have my girls, Sue and Jan, well trained although sometimes they forget that I like mostly treats or chicken with just a little bit of soft kibble and that meal time is whenever I want it to be.

The girls at the Pet Salon think I am the best behaved poodle ever and they are gentle and patient when they bath and clip me; they understand that, for me, standing for long periods is kinda tough.

Hope all is good at the farm and that all the puppies give their new families as much joy and laughter as my girls say I have done for them!

Fairhill Farm SBF My Punch, frog hunter extraordinaire!!

Punch: still handsome at age 15

Punch: still handsome at age 15

PS This is a photo of me right after my April grooming

Birthday Party for Keira & Andy

Birthday Party

BD cake Keira & andy

Birthday Cake

Keira BD outfit

Keira Rose in bows and pearl necklace

Keira & Andy eat cake

Andy & Keira get the first bite of cake

BD presents

All the poodle guests get a toy

party games with invited guests

poodles at the party: Keira, Dawson, Scooby & Andy

Keira with party favor

Keira with party toy

We had a first birthday party for Keira Rose and Andy yesterday. It was a week late due to rain but so much fun. The boys had on their collars and bow ties and looked like proper gentlemen. Keira Rose lost a bow soon after the festivities started. The cake was a hit and was shared with the guest poodles, Dawson (red) and Scooby (silver). There was a box full of toys and treats for all to enjoy.