Finn of Calgary finds life’s wisdom on his first birthday


Finn turned one today. It seems that we’ve moved past the disobedient stage to the compliant stage. Lately in the morning when I start to gather my coat and shoes for work Finn gets up from his pillow (in the bedroom) opens the gate to his kennel (in the family room) and walks in. He sits down and waits for me to follow and set the latch.

We still work daily on listening skills but we’re so happy that Finn has decided it’s easier to just comply than to scamper around the house avoiding the inevitable.

We are enjoying this handsome boy so much. Thank you for entrusting him to us.
Shelagh & Rob

Mollie & Coco play fight

Mollie is doing very well and that is an understatement. She has become adept at stealing shoes and clothes off the clothesline to play catch me if you can. We are delighted with her as she makes us laugh every day; a great combination of a pesky puppy and a doofus!

Our older dog, Coco, a chihuahua, and Mollie have play fights every day. Coco has been perked up by Mollie’s company and they really seem to enjoy each other. It has worked out even better than we hoped.





I wanted to let you know how things are going with us and Marilou.

First of all, she is the perfect puppy for us, thank you for helping us choose her. She is sweet and loves everyone. She gets excited when she first meets someone but calms down very quickly. The comments I get are: she is so calm for a puppy.

Marilou is a fast learner; she sits and stays while I put my socks and sneakers on to go for a walk and I just had to tell her once. I cut her nails once a week and brush her everyday, and she’s so, so good.

She’s a cautious puppy but not scared of things. She doesn’t like fast trucks going by her on the road but I get her to sit and focus on me with a treat. This morning she totally ignored the trucks.

She has been to the groomer once; just washed and cleaned up around the eyes and feet. She still looks like a teddy bear and we like the look for now.

Wishing you well!


Oceanside trails with Finn & Lucy

Lucy & Finn

Lucy & Finn


Just sending along a few photos from the weekend wanderings. Finn, Lucy and I enjoyed a coastal trail outside the community of Bay Bulls. There is a picturesque old light house there where one can sit and watch the whales feeding in the deep water just off the cliffs.

It was a lovely day spent with my therapy dogs.

Best Regards

The Bay Bulls Light

The Bay Bulls Light