Sally Love & Waylon – best of friends

Sally Love & Waylon: begging for bacon on a Sunday morning


Sally Love has settled into our family and our hearts. She and Waylon are the best of friends, and they play for hours in our garden taking turns chasing and being chased.

Sally had her surgery for spaying two weeks ago.  Waylon enjoyed a weekend away at the cabin with my parents while Miss Sal rested and got plenty of TLC.

Ingrid & family

Sweet Phinn of Fredericton


Phinn is three & a half years old and he brings joy and humor to our home every day. He is the sweetest dog and always receptive of hugs from his people.
Phinn loves to be outdoors and “free ranging” on the trails. When not enjoying his walks he is always with one of us and the car rarely leaves our driveway without a big ole apricot poodle in the backseat.

Thank you for this beautiful boy, he is very special to us and we love him so.

Kent & Bev
Fredericton, NB


We could not be happier with Wagner. He is everything we hoped he would be – fun, calm, enjoys running and the snow, great with the kids. It felt a bit crazy to get a dog from the other side of Canada to Calgary but so glad we did. He’s perfect!