Faith and new friend Meg

Faith finds the perfect pillow on new friend Meg’s feathery tail

Faith is doing fine. She has captured hearts in the neighborhood and had an ‘audience’ at the vets when we went to introduce her. She was a real charmer to all.

She mastered stairs in no time and although she does not like her crate she settles down quickly. The best description I can give is that she is, as my Mother used to say, “a busy beaver”. Faith has made friends with the cats but they are old hands at puppies.

Meg is a bit different. She has always been the youngster so she has now adopted a grande dame attitude to Faith. Touch me if you want but I will warn you off if I like. Faith literally hangs on her while they are outdoors. She followed that big fluffy tail for quite a while before attaching herself to it.

Faith is a real doll and spends lots of time outside diligently following Meg or trying to entice Meg into running which they do occasionally. Faith is also growing like crazy. You can almost see it happening.

Nancy and Faith and Meg

Gracie in her new home

Gracie enjoys all the comforts of her new home

I wanted to share a photo of baby Ruby Grace on her second day in her new home. She really has settled in well. Gussie, our older poodle, is a little out of sorts…a bit worried, but we’re paying special attention to him.

Two of the cats have been really interested in her, and Max even slept within two feet of her last night. I think he’ll be somewhat of a guardian over her. Three of the cats have hardly been seen, but they’ll come around.

Gracie is outgoing, a little shy but very playful. She loves jumping and bumbling around when we take her out to pee. Only one little mishap on floor since she came home.

Thanks again…she is perfect!


Keira Rose loves being a therapy dog

Keira Rose in bright pink socks and Kim ready for therapy dog visit

Keira Rose is ready to go visiting in her bright pink socks. These socks have rubber feet and keep her from sliding when she is sitting. She is really getting the hang of visiting. She knows exactly where she is going when she gets her scarf and socks on.
The residents at Ridgewood just love her and she brightens their day. She is a little show off and moves from person to person for more attention. They get a kick out of the pink socks and even though they are pink along with her pink collar and leash they still ask if she is a boy! The staff are enjoying her as much as the residents. We are both loving doing therapy visitation.