Fraser’s long voyage to his new home

It was a long day for Fraser, but he is an exceptional traveler. After a full day of airline travel to Winnipeg he was so happy to have a pee pee break and to be touched and played with by a couple of adoring strangers! On our long drive home to Minnesota he was quiet in the car and we arrived home about two AM. Unfortunately, we didn’t exactly sail through customs but all is well.

Lamb Chop is a huge hit and his loot pile will become substantial over time.

Fraser & new toy lamb chop


Read more about regulations concerning crossing from Canada into USA with your dog.

Ziggy’s Fourth Month Update

Ziggy’s had another eventful week: walking downtown in the rain yesterday under an umbrella (partly), greeting all manner of strangers on the street, being invited into the “Sue Lawrence Hair & Gallery” to look around and eat milk bones and go up AND DOWN a new flight of stairs, crossing the street at the lights in front of big trucks with headlights on, and of course barking at the strange dog who keeps following her and shows up in all the windows around town.

During puppy class, she participated in “pass the puppy” and was circulated around the room to meet all the other puppy handlers. She seems to like Froto the best (a Great Pyrenees puppy) and is suspicious of both Marcie the miniature poodle and Maurice the miniature dachshund – both are a bit yappy and bossy and slightly aggressive; Napoleon syndrome no doubt. ​

Today she learned how to play soccer, as you can see from the photos. She stood on the ball with both front paws, rolled it with her nose, swatted it back and forth with her front paws, and carried it off with her wee baby teeth clenching a bit of jagged vinyl covering. I’m sure the scouts were hiding in the hedges checking out Ziggy Messi.

There is just one more day left of her “early socialization” period. And one day left on the “4-month” refund period but she’s here for life! And fun!

Patti, Mark & Ziggy

Mollie & Jasper enjoy spring puddles

Mollie and Jasper are so happy with each other. They sleep, eat and play together and make us laugh with their antics and Coco gets in her licks in the play fights as she tries her hand at discipline. Although playing in snow is great, puddles are indisputably awesome as you can see in the video. Unfortunately our porch has taken on an aspect of odeur of wet dog (phew)!


Ziggy Lulu

homeward bound

On March 5th when we came to collect Ziggy and bring her home to Fredericton, we were grateful to have had such a nice, long visit with you and the puppies the evening before. We appreciated the advice you gave us to make sure we did all the right things in the first formative weeks.

spin the wheel

Ziggy is a peach of a puppy. Tiny and tender and tentative at first, she has really blossomed over the last weeks.  She’s as smart as a whip. We’ve not only been intrigued by watching her explore the world with her nose, eyes, and dexterous paws, but also entertained by her billy goat jumping around the yard, her playfulness, and her ability to figure things out, such as how to spin the wheel on the upside-down wheelbarrow mostly buried in the snow.

She has been completely house trained for several weeks and even stands by the door and barks if needed. She sleeps soundly through the night in her bedroom crate and soundly during the afternoon in her front hall crate. She was a star puppy on her first vet visit and has garnered attention from one and all for her sweet temperament and adorableness.

Ziggy has had positive interactions with little and big dogs, different puppies, two cats, neighbouring families and many different people ranging from a 2-year old boy to a 98-year old woman, a woman in a wheelchair, tattooed and pierced teenagers with multi-coloured hair, and a busy 7 year old boy riding his bike and doing handstands off a Pilates ball. Gervais, our bearded and sunglasses-wearing mailman who wears a hat and carries two bulging bags of mail, now knows Ziggy and calls her by name, pets her, scratches her behind the ears, and cannot believe that she is as calm as she is at such a young age .

On the wooden walking bridge across the St. John River, Ziggy has been fine and has handled the varied busyness of the bridge: joggers, cyclists, walkers, strollers, kids on scooters, children, seniors, and other dogs. She met an entire busload of pre-schoolers in snowsuits one day in the park and then sat on the bridge by the frozen pond, watching and listening and smelling as the screeching kids played in the snow. She’s able to go up and down just a few steps (not a whole flight yet), and has ridden on an elevator and has gone through automatic doors and was not freaked out by the clanking of a train of grocery carts while meeting new people outside the Superstore. She’s completely relaxed in the car and seems to enjoy looking out the window.

Ziggy at the University of New Brunswick

We’ve recently had a visit to the library where I work and Ziggy had her first unofficial session as a therapy dog; bringing joy to staff members and a whole host of stressed out students who said, after meeting her, that they could now continue studying for their exams. We are going to have a quick visit with our groomer Yvette next week so they can meet. Soon we will go visit my friend Andree who lives in a retirement home.

I’d like Ziggy to be a therapy dog to visit seniors, and so far she is looking like she’ll be a good fit! People cannot believe how calm she is for puppy. She is still very sweet and getting more confident every day. She comes right away when I whistle and she stays close. In Pet Smart while all the other dogs are going wild, she lies down and puts her head on my foot or Mark’s foot.

Friends and family across North America and Europe are enamored with Ziggy’s photos and want to meet her in dog. We may take a road trip this summer to Ontario so that the original Sieglinde Nicholson in Toronto can meet her namesake, Sieglinde Lavinia (Ziggy Lulu).

Patti, Mark & Ziggy Lulu