Walker Awarded St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog of the Year

Walker receiving the St. John Ambulance 2017 Therapy Dog of the Year Award.

At eight years Walker is a wonderful companion whose right to socializing and exercising gets me out, even in poor weather. He still thoroughly enjoys visiting Yarmouth Hospital and anywhere else he thinks he might meet someone who would pat him. Most importantly, his sense of humour closely matches mine and so life is good.
Martha Cassidy

Finney Shapiro: An Esteemed Poodle’s Life Remembered

Finney arrives in Princeton, New Jersey in 2005 and embarks on his puppy education

Big Smiles

Learning to sit is harder than it seems

Heeling is not so easily mastered

Finney undertakes an education in literature, music and the fine art of photography

Studying from books takes proper attire

Music has no half measures on the page or on the poodle

2009: Learning photography

After his lessons Finney finds time for partaking of life’s many pleasures

Waiting for dinner to be served – passing up the bread-stick!

Finney enjoys the garden

Playing with cousin Riley Stanton

The Well-Traveled Poodle

McAfee’s Knob on the Appalachian Trail, VA

New Jersey Shore

Being photographed on the shore of Lake Champlain

A Dog for All Seasons

Cross country skiing

Trekking the Princeton towpath

Playing with cousin Augie Stanton on vacation in Maine


It is with great sorrow that I report that our beloved Finney, born on May 30, 2005, died recently, at nearly twelve years old. He had been a healthy and happy dog until the end. Finney was the best of dogs: a loyal companion for us and our whole family, including our grandchildren as well as friends and neighbors. We miss him very much and are grateful for the years we had him.
With sincere gratitude,
Sandy Shapiro