Laughie the tennis ball poodle


To access the trail system on our morning walk, Laughie and I pass by ponds with ducks and geese and the tennis courts. Laughie has taken to rooting through the four foot tall grass behind the tennis courts and out he comes with a tennis ball. On some days he finds up to three balls  – depending on how many beginners have been playing.

Laughie finds the ball

The first couple of times he did this I was mesmerized wondering how he could find the balls. We can’t see the balls in the tall grass. He sniffs along the outside edge and he must be smelling the rubber of the balls. He goes through the tall grass with his tail wagging and out he comes with a ball in his mouth looking very proud of himself. Laughie carries the ball in his mouth throughout the walk and only drops it to eat a blade of grass and then picks it up again and off we go. As we near the end of the walk and go past the tennis courts he drops the ball in front of the courts as if he knows where it belongs.

Laughie – a magnificent boy

Laughie loves to play and explore in the bushes. He has a sensitive, kind way about him. He gets along with everyone. He is always happy and easy going. We usually have the company of one or more dogs on the morning walk. Laughie tries to engage the others in his favorite game: Chase! The Newfoundlander looks at him like “you’ve got to be joking” but the other poodle is game and the real fun begins for Laughie.

We are lucky to have Laughie in our lives. He is intelligent and has quite the vocabulary. I bought Laughie a new toy recently and I used the word “dinosaur” once and he identified it the second time he heard the word!

Ann and Neil and Laughie

Sally & Waylon

Sally & Waylon at Gooseberry Cove

Tomorrow will be one year since we first met our girl Sally! It’s hard to imagine it’s been a year already, but then it’s hard to remember life without her love and sweetness.

Sally enjoys being the children’s constant companion. Both love her dearly and enjoy lots of kisses from her. She’s much more outwardly affectionate than brother Waylon… but he’s the jealous one and comes looking for lots of cuddles if she gets the attention first.

It’s difficult to say which dog relies on the other more. Waylon looks for Sally as soon as he wakes in the morning (he sleeps in our room, Sally sleeps in the room the children share), and she follows him everywhere.

She has been known to cross our quiet street on occasion if she sees young children playing in the field. And she’s very comfortable with hugs and cuddles from adoring children.

Waylon is my boy. He remains a very well trained refined boy, and has certainly shown Miss Sally the ropes. He’s always fast to respond to recall while out on hikes, and is a faithful gentle dog. They go for stroller walks with me daily. I am always so proud of the two of them! I can easily walk with both hands on the stroller and both leashes around one wrist for the duration of the walk. Even with other excited dogs approaching us, they look to my cue and go into a sit when requested, patiently waiting for my “ok” to resume our walk.

They love running off leash when we get to the back trails. They run so fast but Waylon is not quite as fast as Sally. This works great when she gets to the ball first. Waylon hates not having the ball to return for the next toss…. and Sally loves to be chased!!

They give us so much joy on a daily basis. We are completely smitten with these two scallywags! Although… I have to add what happened today. It’s been a busy few days, and we were all looking forward to a relaxing BBG. Sean had just finished with the steaks, and placed the food on the table. He turned his back for a few minutes… and Sally had stolen his steak!! She had never taken food before, and got a quick rap on the nose, along with quite a few ‘Bad Sally’s’. Waylon wanted nothing at all to do with her. He came straight to my feet (in another room), and stayed there. Sally went outside for a few minutes. Once she came back in, she looked for Sean’s approval, and stayed close to him all evening. We will keep an eye on her, but I have to say she knew how to grab the steak and not the salad!


Strudel’s Puppy Eliza meets her feline sisters

We are all doing quite well as Eliza settles into our home; no accidents, no mayhem with the cats – although one is eating her food. Cat got barked at for trying to take over Eliza’s crate and pig ear!
Eliza is having a heavy social schedule with human visitors and the cockapoo next door and she seems to be enjoying it all.  Thanks so much for letting us bring her into the family.

Nelson’s first day in his new home

Nelson & Steve

Nap Time

Nelson had a great first day in our home! He spent seven hours in the kennel beside our bed last night and there was hardly a peep out of him. He was pretty tired after his first day as a big dog.

He is eating and drinking well, has had no accidents at all and the last time he needed to go outside he went to the door. We all just love him so much. What a great addition to our household! Thank you again so much for this dear and lovely little fellow!

Steve &Johanna

Natal Day Poodles

We were just remembering that last year, on this weekend, we were bringing home two little puppies. They have grown into such nice dogs! Here are a few pictures of our vacation together in PEI in July; Remy & Nellie really enjoy playing together and have learned to love the water! Henry, Remy’s big “brother” seems to have bonded with both of them. Both Remy and Nellie have such sweet dispositions and it is hard to express what joy and fun they bring to our lives.
Happy Natal Day,
Gail & Ben and friends Charmaine & Cary

PS – Henry (formerly named McGuffin)  is also a Natal Day poodle.  It was 12 years ago that we brought him home for a “test dive” over the August long weekend and he’s still here and going strong! All three poodles have the same home-coming anniversary!


Remy & Nellie