Presenting Mr. Theodore Graham

Kathleen and Teddy

Teddy is the absolute perfect puppy for me. Every time he is out in public people just love him and can’t get over how well-behaved he is. My physiotherapist loves for me to bring him when we go for appointments. Teddy just lies there, happy as a clam, watching what I’m doing or taking a snooze. As soon as he sets foot in the building there are people wanting to visit with him. He is a very popular little guy!  Kim Fennel says that every time I bring him, people talk about him for days.

Teddy is converting lots of people to poodle fans! His disposition is just perfect to be my little helper dog. When he is out and about, he is focused on me and not on wanting attention from others. However, when we let him go say hello to people or someone would like to pet him he is more than happy to oblige.

At home Teddy fits into our family fantastically – it’s like he has been here forever.  He hasn’t had an accident for a long time and loves to play with us but can easily entertain himself if we are busy. Teddy is a happy go lucky guy and nothing bothers him; we haven’t found a noise that disturbs him at all. There have even been some fireworks nearby and he doesn’t even acknowledge them. He is calm in the house (except for the puppy zoomies times) and is doing excellent for his age. Even the groomer commended us on him not acting his age because he was more than happy to get all trimmed up.

Thank you so much for giving me the biggest blessing. I can’t get over how beautiful he is and his awesome personality. He makes me smile every single day!

Kathleen Gagnon

Therapy Poodle in Training Gear

Teddy relaxing at home

Phinn is ready for Fall fun

Our wonderful boy Phinny is turning 4 this month! He continues to bring us joy and laughter each and every day. He is a wonderful companion and a well behaved boy; although he sometimes gets too excited when greeting people but is very receptive to gentle corrections!

Phinny has long off leash walks twice daily on our beautiful trail system. The picture shows him ready for the fall with his safety vest on (hunting season in NB) and his beloved tennis ball in his mouth. This boy loves playing fetch and he is very good at it.


Ready for some fall fun