Magnificent Henry: A Life Lived Large

The Magnificent Henry McGuffin

Our dear Henry McGuffin passed away yesterday. We are heartbroken. He was a magnificent dog and lived life large. He had a great time every day, playing with his friends, running through the woods trails, or chasing a ball in the lake. He did everything with passion. We adored him for his character, his loyalty, his endless capacity to love, his athletic abilities, and his cuddles. He loved his little sister Remy Rose and they were very close. She is now sleeping in his bed, curled up on his pillow.

We never ceased to marvel at Henry’s character and intelligence. He was not always easy going, particularly when he determined that two dogs in the park were “playing wrong” and intervened. We once hired a dog behaviorist to help us sort out Henry’s personality. She said Henry was one of the most remarkable dogs she had ever met, that Henry was fiercely intelligent (which we knew) and a policeman who strived for law and order. He was never aggressive but would intervene when two dogs became too rough or when one was not playing by the dog rules. He was fondly known as The Sheriff or The King by everyone at the dog park who came to appreciate the role he played, particularly in training their rambunctious young dogs. He was a neighbourhood fixture, famous for his character and delightful personality. Since the news of his passing, we have received so many calls, emails and hugs – including from a tearful neighbour yesterday in the grocery store.

Henry was endlessly patient with young dogs and puppies as well as with small children. I have never seen another dog who allowed a puppy to hang from his ears! He was a wonderful friend to other dogs, and had in particular five close, lifelong friends who he saw regularly. Unfortunately two of them died in the past two years.  I know Henry still missed his neighborhood friend, Kasey, because he would stop by his house, look, and sigh.

Henry got to really savour this last Christmas. One of his favourite things was opening his presents so of course we made sure he was awash in things to open – particularly his beloved ‘dollies’ or squeak toys, and his favorite treats.

We have so many wonderful memories of Henry that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! Please know that we couldn’t have loved Henry more, and that he will always be in our hearts. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful friend.


Sweet Phoebe’s First Christmas

We wanted to send you an update on Phoebe to let you know how much we adore her.

We’ve put a lot of time into making sure Phoebe is a well-rounded dog, but she’s got such a naturally sweet personality it has been a joy to develop a bond with her. She’s so well-behaved it is hard to believe she is still a puppy. She’s never chewed anything that isn’t hers, she was very easily housebroken and has slept through the night since day one. Many of our friends who visit say they want to take her home with them.

Phoebe loves to go for walks and trips to the dog park, especially with her puppy friend, Kula. They love to chase each other and use the other as a hurdle to practice their jumping. We are hoping in the coming year to get her involved in some obedience classes and perhaps some agility as well.

Jamie’s mom recently happened to meet another poodle from your farm who lives near her home. How nice it is to find these connections with other people through our dogs! We really enjoy being part of the Fairhill Farm poodle family.

Jamie & Julia

Bauble in Arizona


Bauble is doing really well and has charmed everyone who she meets. She’s happy, healthy and very smart and jumps like a little goat…I say she is jumping for joy! I love her to bits!!

I hope to start some basic training with her next month. She already responds to sit and come and can almost shake a paw for a treat.

She is a true gem!!


Admiral Nelson Christmas 2017

Admiral Nelson at six months and his very first Christmas! He has become a really big boy, always up for fun and adventure and is so great with everyone he meets.
He is almost due for a trim up but he loves to be outdoors so we decided to leave him a bit longer for added warmth during the winter. Nelson is the most amazing boy: affectionate, fun and protective and has the deepest bark when someone comes to the door. He is great with the grandchildren and just loves to get into the truck and go pretty much everywhere we go.

We love him so much. What a blessing to have him in our lives!

Steve and Johanna