Bauble – teacher’s pet

Precious Bauble

Bauble is well and continues to make good progress. In obedience training she is the teacher’s pet and star pupil! She makes friends wherever she goes, both people and dogs, although I don’t think she realizes she is canine.

She watched the Westminster Dog Show and was very attentive for some of it, curiously tilting her head as she watched the dogs cross the TV screen. She was extremely excited when the Agility Trials came on, and although you cautioned that she might not fetch reliably she will chase and pounce, so after Obedience we may try Agility. My hope is that she will have her training complete for her Service Dog Designation by her first birthday!

As you can see in the photo she is beautiful and tremendously smart and funny.

I love her to bits!!!

Paulette and Bauble
Scottsdale, AZ

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