We wanted to share some photos of our little girl, now over a year old. She is a beautiful pup and we adore her.

She still has the elephant stuffy you let her bring home with her.

Tulu and her stuffy

Tulu learns to paddle board

Tulu loves the beach. She absolutely loves to run on all the sandbars in front of our house and she is learning to paddle board with us. Tulu has a lot of freedom but she listens very well.

Tulu with Odette &YoAnne

We love her so much!

Odette and YoAnne

Admiral Nelson

Admiral Nelson

Our Nelson celebrated his second birthday in June.  We love him so much!

Everyday that we have him in our lives is a blessing. He is such a loving and fine boy. A great companion for us, very gentle and protective of the grandchildren and just all around excellent family member. Goes pretty much wherever we go, he does not like to be left behind at home.

Steve and Johanna


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Poodle Point at Tupper Lake, N.S.

Fairhill Farm Standard Poodles, reg. was established in 1986 in Nicholsville, NS.  We have recently relocated to a beautiful little gem of a home at Tupper Lake, which we named Poodle Point.  The view is different, but  the poodles are still fairhill farm standard poodles.


Kathryn and Teddy

Kathryn and Teddy