Lulu’s Puppies

Lulu’s Puppies

Lulu & Teddy puppies born January 7,2017

Lulu & Teddy Puppies born October 18, 2015



 * Lulu & Teddy puppies born January 7,2017

 Sixteen weeks old & Fraser finally makes it to his new home in Minnesota

Fraser & new toy lamb chop

It was a long day for Fraser, but he is an  exceptional traveler;  quiet in the car and so happy to have a pee pee break and to be touched and played with by a couple of adoring strangers!
Lamb Chop is a huge hit and am sure his loot pile will become substantial over time.
We didn’t exactly sail through US Customs but all is well.

Eleven weeks old – last man standing

Fraser must wait until he is 16 weeks old before he can fly to USA










Nine weeks old: Some puppies are still waiting for their flights to new homes.

The departure lounge at Fairhill Farm


Eight weeks old & off to new homes

Ziggy sleeping on the long ride to her new home

Ruby-Grace and all her new toys: yummy!

senior poodle Oliver and new little brother, Augie

Faith finds the perfect pillow on new friend Meg’s feathery tail

Ruairi – welcome to Winnipeg



Six weeks old

Quartet of pups from Lulu & Teddy litter

Five weeks old

Three weeks old

Cuddle Sleeping

checking it out


Ten days old

Lulu & puppies 10 days old


 Lulu & Teddy Puppies born October 18, 2015

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Lulu’s Puppies Eight Weeks Old

Lulu’s Puppies Six Weeks Old

Lulu's Puppies Six Weeks OldLulu’s Puppies

Lulu’s Puppies Three Weeks Old

lulu pups 3 wks #3

Lulu’s Puppies Two Weeks Old

Lulu pups 2 wks old sleepingLulu’s pups – all asleep

Lulu pups 2 wks old pairTwo puppies

Lulu & pupsLulu & pups November 7, 2015

Lulu’s Puppies One Week Old

puppy braid