Puppy Parents: Meet the Family

Fairhillfarm’s Teddy

TeddyNamed after a favorite childhood story book, Randolph the Bear Who Said No, Teddy is a loyal and manly dog who loves a fireside cuddle in the evening.  His sire is Randy, Grand Randolph of Fairhillfarm, and his dam is Fairhillfarm Annapolisa Dawn, known as Apple.

Grand Randolph of Fairhill Farm

Grand Randolph of Fairhill Farm

Fairhillfarm Annapolisa Dawn

Fairhillfarm Annapolisa Dawn aka Apple


Fairhillfarm’s Lulu

Fairhillfarm’s Lavinia -known as Lulu


The daughter of Keeper and Dottie, Lulu is always happy and full of fun.

KeeperValentine Keepsake


 Fairhillfarm’s Amalia – Mollie

Fairhillfarm’s Mollie

Grand Randolph of Fairhill Farm