Purchasing A Puppy

Every bundle of love from fairhill farm entrusted to your care deserves to have the very best home throughout an entire poodle lifetime. It is my goal to insure that the puppy you take home with you is the best possible match for you.

I want to get to know you so that I can assist you in choosing a puppy who will grow up to be the dog of your dreams.
I want you to get to know me so that you feel confident that a fairhill farm poodle is the right choice for you. I endeavor to be a support for you and your poodle throughout the lifetime of your dog.

1. Contact Me – let me know about you, your family and your lifestyle.
• Why do you want to share your life with a standard poodle?
• What characteristics are especially important in your selection of a puppy?
• What is your history with dogs and especially with poodles?
• What interests you about the poodles of fairhill farm?

2. Reserve a Puppy – When you are ready to make the commitment to add a poodle from fairhill farm to your life let me know and tell me what preferences are important to you: gender, color, size, personality. I do my best to match your priorities with the puppies available. Your word is sufficient to reserve a puppy – there is no deposit necessary.

3. Select a Puppy – When there are puppies available I will reserve for you the gender and color you prefer. When the puppies are seven, or more, weeks old I will help you to select a puppy that will be most likely to meet your expectations.

4. Making Your Purchase – At the time that you purchase your puppy you will be asked to sign the Agreement of Sale and the Canadian Kennel Club Non-Breeding Contract. A certified check, Interac eTransfer or cash is an acceptable form of payment.

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The fairhill farm promise to you:

1. A healthy puppy
  Our puppies are provided with the best of care from before conception until you take them home with you. This includes:

• Mothers-to-be, nursing mothers and their puppies receive premium nutrition.
• A conscientious immunization and parasite prevention regimen for all poodles in residence.
• Each puppy is thoroughly examined by a veterinarian before leaving for a new home.
• A spacious facility allows puppies to grow in an environment of stimulating challenges including ongoing interaction with people and poodles of all ages.

 2. A dog that stays healthy
Breeding dogs are screened for genetic conditions that can affect standard poodles using currently available evidence-based methodology. Equally important are reports from owners of fairhill farm poodles throughout their lifetimes that provide information about our poodles as they mature.

3. Great temperament
My goal is to provide you with a puppy that has the potential to be a calm and versatile companion in a variety of living circumstances. fairhill farm poodles want to be part of the lives of their people whether that involves town or country living or both.

4. A beautiful poodle
Our standard poodles conform to the breed standard as established by the Canadian Kennel Club. I endeavor to preserve the time-honored qualities of the breed including sound conformation and traditional appearance such as solid color coat and docked tails.

5. Canadian Kennel Club Registration and Microchip Identification
All fairhill farm puppies are registered with the CKC and in accordance with their regulations all new owners receive official CKC registration certificate. A microchip is inserted before the puppy leaves fairhill farm. In addition to being required identification for CKC registration, the microchip is a universally recognized means of identifying your dog if he were to be lost or stolen.

6. A lifetime commitment
I am pleased to make myself available to you and your poodle as a resource for advice and assistance by phone or email or in person. You can return any fairhill farm poodle at any time for any reason throughout the life of the poodle.

When I breed a dog I make a lifetime commitment to the welfare of that dog.
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When you bring a puppy into your life you are making a commitment to that puppy for the entire life of the dog. Please consider your decision to add a poodle to your home carefully. You and your family are undertaking a responsibility for many years to come.

You promise that you will undertake to do the following:

1. Keep your puppy healthy. Provide quality nutrition and regular exercise. Maintain regular vaccinations, parasite prevention, and comprehensive veterinary care to insure that your poodle has the best prospect for a long and healthy life.

2. Keep your poodle groomed and clean with special attention to ear and nail care. Your poodle should have an appearance that makes him/her a credit to a wonderful breed.

3. Keep your poodle safe and welcomed by everyone with training for your dog and yourself in basic obedience and good canine citizenship.

4. Lots of affection, attention and an active life to insure that your poodle will be happy and fulfilled throughout his life.

5. A lifetime commitment: If at any time you feel you can no longer keep your poodle you have an obligation to contact me and involve me in your decision regarding the future of your dog.

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