The Passing of Oliver – an incredible and loving dog


After 14 and a half years of unconditional love, Oliver passed away on Friday, December 22rd. He was an incredible dog and loved everybody that he met. He will surely be missed.

We are happy that we have Augustus. He and my son have become best friends. We are all getting ready for celebrating his 1st birthday in January.

Patrick and family

Polly – a friend for all seasons

Polly came to live with us in Vancouver when she was six years old. She must have been perplexed to find herself in a noisy, crowded city with bikes and buses whizzing all around her. Nothing in her pastoral upbringing on Fairhill Farm had prepared her for urban life. But when she saw a horse drawn carriage she smiled – finally here was something familiar.

Polly met and exceeded the challenges of a dramatic mid-life change. She was more than willing to be the companion I had longed for. The day she arrived at the airport in Vancouver was truly one of the best days of my life. Polly spent every day walking with me in the city. She moved house multiple times including a move to a new city and she always made friends wherever she went. She had intelligence and a fine sense of fun. She would tilt her head when I spoke to her and people would remark how she seemed to understand whatever I said. And of course she did.

When we walked down the street she would effortlessly match my step, almost floating along beside me with the leash weightless in my hand. I never felt so connected to a dog as I felt to Polly. Complete strangers couldn’t help but break out into broad smiles when they saw her approach. They took photos of her to post to Instagram, young girls formed groupings around her to include her in selfies and professional photographers requested permission to photograph her.

Dearest Polly, we want to thank you for the six wonderful years we had with you and for giving us far more than we could ever give you in return. We will remember how you loved the beach in Oregon and chasing squirrels and watching TV with us. You taught us about unconditional love and your loyalty was never in question. You took a big piece of our hearts when you left us.

Cynthia and Darrell
Victoria BC

Living in Victoria – very cool!

Condo Life

Running on Canon Beach

Snoozing after a long day at the beach


Fritz, a magnificent dog remembered

Fritz and best friend Jane

Today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Fritz, just shy of his 13th birthday. We wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have had him in our lives. He was loved, cared for and will be missed greatly. Our oldest daughter was his best friend and she is having a hard time with his passing. They were always together. We will hold on tight to our memories with him: swimming at the lake, hiking and hacks with the horses. He had a spunky and vivacious personality; truly a magnificent dog. Thank you for giving us our two joys, Roscoe and Fritz. Our family will not be the same without them.

Jackie and family

Ceilidh Lovingly Remembered



We had to say goodbye to Ceilidh on April 7th only a little more than two months after she was diagnosed with cancer.  Ceilidh made it easy for us to love her as she was such an obedient and loving dog. She had a knack of nuzzling very softly into your thigh looking for a pat. She won many people over with her affection and sweetness.

Ceilidh was quite the hunter as she had a keen eyesight and sharp hunting prowess. She had a high prey drive and her alertness to wildlife was uncanny. The excitement would build and she would chatter. Her athleticism enabled her to run with speed and grace through the trails. She would often come back with partial rose bushes or twigs tangled in her hair.

At the end, Laughlin, our younger poodle, became Ceilidh’s service dog. He was respectful and as gentle as a lamb with Ceilidh, always by her side. He kept her calm and comforted the entire time. It really was a wonderful partnership. Laughie was giving back to Ceilidh for everything that she taught him as she was such a wise, experienced lady herself! After Ceilidh’s passing, Laughie looked for Ceilidh for a week. We kept him busy with walks and play. He has his stride back but I think he still misses his companion.

We loved Ceilidh so much and miss her terribly. I held Ceilidh in my hand when she was 3 days old at your farm and we held her in our hands as she took her last breaths. Thank you for giving us such an affectionate, athletic, intelligent, fearless and loyal dog. We are heart broken and will never forget Ceilidh’s wonderfulness.





Ten years ago my daughter and I traveled to your beautiful farm and met our new pup Charlie, son of Bayou Valentine and Sister Agnes. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Charlie yesterday.

Charlie was an amazing dog; smart, handsome, eager, bright. He was full of life and always ready to go. He was no angel and if there was trouble, Charlie could be found in the middle of it. But that was part of his charm!  We are very sad and miss him terribly. We hope someday soon we will make another trip to your farm and come home with a new poodle family member.

Charlie was a very good dog.




Polly in Verdant Vancouver – a great place to age well

I wanted to send along a report as I am so pleased with how Polly is aging.

She had a recent check-up at the vet and was pronounced extremely healthy.  What really impressed the vet was her flexibility–she was able to get Pols to extend her back legs out at a perfect angle. I had no idea she had that kind of flexibility and she’ll be 10 in March.

She is such a wonderful dog–thank you again for letting me have her in my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful to have her as my best four legged friend. She is utterly devoted and takes very good care of me as well . She has taken up squirrel hunting so every day we go out to find some.

Cindy & Polly

Polly Squirrel Spotting

Polly Squirrel Spotting