Jensen of Alaska

Jensen Enjoys the Beauty of Alaska

Jensen Enjoys the Beauty of Alaska

We are really happy with Jensen. He is quite comical as well as smart. He loves to watch animal shows. He even growled at a bison on the TV once.

Jensen and Happy have become quite close. If one or the other has anything happening out of the ordinary the other will let us know. It is really quite a lesson to us humans on relationships. We should all stop and see what really happens in the dog world. We might learn a few things.

Jensen and Happy travel well and have been across western Canada twice since we visited you. Whenever we go on a longer trip, even to our cabin, they are both so content. Funny, but so are we.

Thank you for letting us have Jensen as a good friend.

Kris and Murray
North  Pole, Alaska

Best buddies Happy & Jensen

Best buddies Happy & Jensen

On the Road to Alaska

I’m having a wonderful time on my journey to Alaska. I am learning to like my leash and have learned to jump into and out of the truck and camper. Even though it has only small spaces, my new owners let me run around at least once or twice a day and promise I will have a wonderful place to run on my own in my new home. Oh, and I know my name is Jensen. I am really a smart little guy. Happy is my go to girl buddy and if I am unsure, I can watch her and know what to do. She also puts me in my place if I think I know more than I do.

 My new owners thought I had a tick in my eyelid, but now they cannot find it. It either fell off or went away. I know nothing about that stuff, but maybe it wasn’t a tick.

 Thank you for my good upbringing and the wonderful times I had on the farm with you, Gordon and my puppy siblings. I will keep in touch as I go through Canada. Today we are about to leave Manitoba and off to Alberta tomorrow to see the Rocky Mts.

Here some photos of me on our trip to my new home.      Jensen



Visitors from Away – far away!

Murray and Kristy arrived today after a 5,000 mile journey from Alaska.  Seasoned travelers, well equipped with a truck-bed camper, they are veterans to the long haul.  This year they decided to head east, all the way east, to the Atlantic shores of Nova Scotia.

We had a great visit; a walk around the farm and an opportunity to exchange life experiences. They have lots of wilderness experience and live on the abundance of the wild. We had a meat exchange before they left; Fairhill Farm beef steak in exchange for Alaska caribou and moose meat.

They chose a wonderful apricot puppy from Apple’s latest litter and named him Jensen.  He has his own doggy bed in the back seat of the truck next to his doggy mentor and travel guide named Happy. She is a mini/toy poodle who more than lives up to her name and is such a sweetie I could have taken her in trade!



Kristy and Murray’s previous standard poodle was fhf Gibson, born in 1998.

Jensen has very big paw prints to grow into for him to replace his much loved predecessor. With the help of his small but “happy” poodle teacher I am sure he will find his way.