Finn sells the sofa

This is a picture I used in my ad for selling this couch. It sold in a day and I’m pretty sure it was because of the model in the foreground!

Finn is always excited and happy to go and play in the dog park. Bouncy is an understatement; all four feet off the ground over and over. People always comment on his enthusiasm and joy!

All the best
Shelagh , Rob and Finn


We could not be happier with Wagner. He is everything we hoped he would be – fun, calm, enjoys running and the snow, great with the kids. It felt a bit crazy to get a dog from the other side of Canada to Calgary but so glad we did. He’s perfect!


Finn of Calgary finds life’s wisdom on his first birthday


Finn turned one today. It seems that we’ve moved past the disobedient stage to the compliant stage. Lately in the morning when I start to gather my coat and shoes for work Finn gets up from his pillow (in the bedroom) opens the gate to his kennel (in the family room) and walks in. He sits down and waits for me to follow and set the latch.

We still work daily on listening skills but we’re so happy that Finn has decided it’s easier to just comply than to scamper around the house avoiding the inevitable.

We are enjoying this handsome boy so much. Thank you for entrusting him to us.
Shelagh & Rob

Finn of Calgary

Finn - ten months old

Finn – ten months old

Finnegan brings us so much joy these days. Such a sweet boy we have. We’re feeling nostalgic because it was about this time last year that we visited you at your farm. We were dreaming of having our own puppy and now a year later we are the guardians of this beautiful, intelligent & gentle dog.
Shelagh & Rob
Calgary, AB

Finnegan Admires Himself

What a Handsome Boy Am I

What a Handsome Boy Am I

Finnegan loves to visit himself in the mirror and practices a bit of barking there as well. We are very happy with our choice to purchase a puppy from you. He is super smart, very willing to try new things, outgoing and friendly. Bounces like a rabbit which gets lots of laughs when we visit the park. He has learned the game of hide and seek and clearly LOVES to play. When he’s seeking he is super alert and obviously all in.



Late Arrivals

Lulu’s puppies that require an airplane to travel to their new homes have had an extra long wait for the hectic holiday traffic to subside and make room for the special care “live cargo” requires.

First to arrive in his new home is Finnegan now happily in the arms of new owner Shelagh.

Finnegan arrives safely in Calgary

Finnegan arrives safely in Calgary


Friday January 15th

An airport embrace in St.John's

An airport embrace in St.John’s