Three Amigos of Steamboat Springs

Elliot, Alistair and Oliver

The three boys are as amazing as always.

Alistair, the gentle giant, got a grass seed buried in his foot which had to be removed. He was not amused by being house bound for a few day; he does love his outside time.

Oliver is, as always, Oliver and very much my protector and hand holder.

Elliot is the most loving, sweetest dog I think I have ever had in my world. He is truly amazing.

I love them all to pieces and am very blessed to have them.


Lacey the Lover turns six

Lacey the lover of all things

This is Lacey’s sixth birthday – already!

She is such a joy; smart, funny, athletic and quite the lover.  Lacey loves kitties, and her best buddy is a little Corgi named Hazel.

Lacey can be so silly. She loves practicing agility and she loves, loves, loves the outdoors!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup. I love her so much.


Bridget – a gem of a poodle


This is our Bridget, now three years old. She is fun and smart and a joy to be around. I was visiting your website and saw a video of your farm which I have always loved. Is it up for sale? I want to wish you all the best and hope that you will still be breeding poodles. Your dogs stand out from all the other dogs here. We are constantly asked where we got our wonderful Bridget. I wanted you to know how beautiful she is and thank you for breeding such a gem.
Take care,
Mount Pearl

Reply:  Yes, the farm is for sale.  It is time for me to move to  a home on a smaller scale.   The poodles will be coming with me and I expect to continue being the godmother to puppies for many years.  Kathryn