Bauble – teacher’s pet

Precious Bauble

Bauble is well and continues to make good progress. In obedience training she is the teacher’s pet and star pupil! She makes friends wherever she goes, both people and dogs, although I don’t think she realizes she is canine.

She watched the Westminster Dog Show and was very attentive for some of it, curiously tilting her head as she watched the dogs cross the TV screen. She was extremely excited when the Agility Trials came on, and although you cautioned that she might not fetch reliably she will chase and pounce, so after Obedience we may try Agility. My hope is that she will have her training complete for her Service Dog Designation by her first birthday!

As you can see in the photo she is beautiful and tremendously smart and funny.

I love her to bits!!!

Paulette and Bauble
Scottsdale, AZ

Bauble in Arizona


Bauble is doing really well and has charmed everyone who she meets. She’s happy, healthy and very smart and jumps like a little goat…I say she is jumping for joy! I love her to bits!!

I hope to start some basic training with her next month. She already responds to sit and come and can almost shake a paw for a treat.

She is a true gem!!


Charley – A Tribute to a Gentleman Poodle

Gentleman Charley

Gentleman Charley

In early 2006 a beautiful litter of poodle puppies was born at Fairhill Farm. One of the boys was selected to fly all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada and then on by car to Scottsdale, Arizona. He was to be a namesake of the poodle in John Steinbeck’s book ‘Travels with Charley’. According to Steinbeck, “Charley was a gentleman poodle…”

Charley took his status as a gentleman poodle very seriously. He loved to go for walks, especially after being groomed. When people exclaimed “What a beautiful dog!” he would smile and prance around to make sure they got the full effect. He liked to admire himself in the mirror. And like most dogs he loved to run, but gentleman that he was he always came back immediately when called. Though elegant in appearance, Charley was sweet and loyal, and so gentle. And smart! Most things he learned required just a few repetitions, and he would remember always.

Charley was a joy to all who met him. He left to cross the rainbow bridge on July 24, 2016. He loved Starbucks pumpkin muffins more than anything, and I sure hope they have those on the other side.

With love – miss you Charley Bear
Laura Burke
Scottsdale, Arizona

Charley & Laura

Charley & Laura


Macallan of Tucson

It has been warm in Tucson since January.  We never had a winter so Mac was introduced to warm weather upon his arrival.

Mac - the shaggy poodle

Mac – the shaggy poodle

Here are before and after photos of him. Our vet didn’t want us to take him to a groomer too soon because there have been many cases of Parvo virus.  So we had to let his hair grow – what a shaggy dog he became!

Mac, at 54 lbs,  has surpassed our four year old poodle, Kurt,  and is almost as tall at the shoulder.  Note the short hair length on Kurt’s ears: Mac decided those  ears were the best chew toy around and they were always a wet, soggy mess. So Kurt gets his ears cut “to the leather” until Mac grows out of this phase.

The two of them are attending dog training together.   The trainer thinks Mac is very handsome.  Mac is a daily delight; full of life and absolutely gorgeous!      Peggy

Kurt and Mac - all spiffed up for spring

Kurt and Mac – all spiffed up for spring

Macallan: Meet Tucson


A Poodle Should Match Your Decor!

A Poodle Should Match Your Decor!

Mac is a delight!

I sometimes trip over him because he is such a people dog and, as you see, he blends into the kitchen decor.

Mac Meets New Family in Arizona

Mac Meets New Family in Arizona

He and Kurt, our 3-year old standard poodle, have discovered that they are chasing buddies. Both were tentative for two days and now they chase and play to exhaustion. Reggie, the miniature, barks as a cheerleader and sometimes joins the chase.



Strudel’s & Apple’s puppies journey to new homes in far off places

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

 Jake, from Strudel & Keeper’s litter leaves for his new home in Syracuse.  Patiently waiting for the holidays to be over and the weather to improve he flies out soon to Ottawa where his new mom will be eagerly waiting for his arrival.



Parrett puppy for California

San Francisco Here I Come!



Sandy’s new little sweetie-pie puppy will be flying across the continent to find a joyful new home in the San Francisco area.




Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Traveling together to Phoenix, AZ  these two puppies are finding a double bunk that is just right.  Strudel’s pup, Mac, final destination Tucson, AZ and Apple’s puppy with a new home waiting for her in Austin, Texas are traveling together.  It makes puppy sense and saves people some cents, too!



 We can always find room for just one more in the puppy road vehicle and this little girl decided to join the gang on her way to a new home in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

PS – Just found out my new name is Ruby – how great is that!!

puppy for BarkerOops: This kennel is too big for little me!

Oops:This kennel is too big for little me!