Rip – living life to the fullest

Rip dressed as UPS man for Halloween 2018

Rip crossed the rainbow bridge before his time. He was a wonderful dog and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion. He maintained the same qualities of interactive engagement that you observed when he was a little puppy. We’re so glad he was ours, even if his time with us wasn’t as long as we’d hoped. He lived his fullest, best life right up until the end.

Finn & Lucy Enjoy a Snowy Christmas

Finn & Lucy enjoy a winter outing

Finn & Lucy enjoy a holiday snooze

It has been a nice winter thus far, lots of aimless walks and quiet nights in front of the fireplace. I took a few weeks off over the holidays and we hiked almost every day. They are my constant companion. Only work keeps us apart and even though they are bed hogs I wouldn’t want to turn out the lights without them there.

Thank you for gift of poodles,



Oceanside trails with Finn & Lucy

Lucy & Finn

Lucy & Finn


Just sending along a few photos from the weekend wanderings. Finn, Lucy and I enjoyed a coastal trail outside the community of Bay Bulls. There is a picturesque old light house there where one can sit and watch the whales feeding in the deep water just off the cliffs.

It was a lovely day spent with my therapy dogs.

Best Regards

The Bay Bulls Light

The Bay Bulls Light

Exploring the Avalon Peninsula with Finn & Lucy

Finn and Lucy have had good weather for summer adventures. We have enjoyed road trips in the jeep with the top down exploring trails, rivers, lakes and abandoned communities all over the Avalon Peninsula. Lucy is an avid swimmer and takes to water like a duck. Finn is not so enthusiastic but will go in when he feels like it. Lucy has grown nearly as tall as Finn and they are constantly wrestling like pups. Off leash they create a blur of activity until Finn has had enough and turns things into a game of chase where he easily outruns Lucy.

The poodles are our constant companion. When not at work we are in the jeep, top down, and off to explore new places on our part of The Rock!

Keith and Karla

Lucy & Finn road trek

road trekking in the jeep

Finn & Lucy run

catch me if you can

Finn goes for a swim

perfect day for a cool swim

Finn & Lucy geology

geologic excursion

Finn&Lucy explore the shore

exploring the shore

Lucy leads the way

Lucy leads the way