Ginger: the darling of St. Mary’s Parish

Father Gil & Ginger 2009

Ginger 2019

Ten years ago I came to fairhill farm and you suggested that Ginger would be the best fit for me. Today she is 10 years old and still very much the puppy. She had her checkup a few weeks ago and the veterinarian said that she was in excellent health – including her very good teeth.
I am grateful to you, Kathryn, for you steering me to Ginger. She is a great companion and friend and is the darling of St Mary’s Parish here in Prince George. We have our regular walks and she is always happy to see me when I come home.

Thank you for giving me many happy memories.

God bless,

Gilbert J. Bertrand OMI
St. Mary’s Church
Prince George BC

Laughlin – snow poodle and therapy dog

Laughlin – Therapy Poodle

Greetings from snowy Quesnel, BC.  The snow banks are fifteen feet high and the only one who is still enjoying the snow is Laughie the snow poodle! He has had quite a fun filled winter doing lots of cross country skiing, hiking the trails and snowshoeing.

Laughie has also been working as a therapy dog, going to both senior care facilities. Every visit, he makes me proud of him as he brings such joy; many residents really look forward to his visits. I often say to one lady, “do you want a visit from someone tall, dark and handsome today?” And she says: is it Laughie or Elvis today? We have a good laugh.

We love Laughlin and appreciate being the proud owners of such a wonderful dog.  He is our therapy dog too!


Polly – a friend for all seasons

Polly came to live with us in Vancouver when she was six years old. She must have been perplexed to find herself in a noisy, crowded city with bikes and buses whizzing all around her. Nothing in her pastoral upbringing on Fairhill Farm had prepared her for urban life. But when she saw a horse drawn carriage she smiled – finally here was something familiar.

Polly met and exceeded the challenges of a dramatic mid-life change. She was more than willing to be the companion I had longed for. The day she arrived at the airport in Vancouver was truly one of the best days of my life. Polly spent every day walking with me in the city. She moved house multiple times including a move to a new city and she always made friends wherever she went. She had intelligence and a fine sense of fun. She would tilt her head when I spoke to her and people would remark how she seemed to understand whatever I said. And of course she did.

When we walked down the street she would effortlessly match my step, almost floating along beside me with the leash weightless in my hand. I never felt so connected to a dog as I felt to Polly. Complete strangers couldn’t help but break out into broad smiles when they saw her approach. They took photos of her to post to Instagram, young girls formed groupings around her to include her in selfies and professional photographers requested permission to photograph her.

Dearest Polly, we want to thank you for the six wonderful years we had with you and for giving us far more than we could ever give you in return. We will remember how you loved the beach in Oregon and chasing squirrels and watching TV with us. You taught us about unconditional love and your loyalty was never in question. You took a big piece of our hearts when you left us.

Cynthia and Darrell
Victoria BC

Living in Victoria – very cool!

Condo Life

Running on Canon Beach

Snoozing after a long day at the beach


Laughie the tennis ball poodle


To access the trail system on our morning walk, Laughie and I pass by ponds with ducks and geese and the tennis courts. Laughie has taken to rooting through the four foot tall grass behind the tennis courts and out he comes with a tennis ball. On some days he finds up to three balls  – depending on how many beginners have been playing.

Laughie finds the ball

The first couple of times he did this I was mesmerized wondering how he could find the balls. We can’t see the balls in the tall grass. He sniffs along the outside edge and he must be smelling the rubber of the balls. He goes through the tall grass with his tail wagging and out he comes with a ball in his mouth looking very proud of himself. Laughie carries the ball in his mouth throughout the walk and only drops it to eat a blade of grass and then picks it up again and off we go. As we near the end of the walk and go past the tennis courts he drops the ball in front of the courts as if he knows where it belongs.

Laughie – a magnificent boy

Laughie loves to play and explore in the bushes. He has a sensitive, kind way about him. He gets along with everyone. He is always happy and easy going. We usually have the company of one or more dogs on the morning walk. Laughie tries to engage the others in his favorite game: Chase! The Newfoundlander looks at him like “you’ve got to be joking” but the other poodle is game and the real fun begins for Laughie.

We are lucky to have Laughie in our lives. He is intelligent and has quite the vocabulary. I bought Laughie a new toy recently and I used the word “dinosaur” once and he identified it the second time he heard the word!

Ann and Neil and Laughie