Lacey the Lover turns six

Lacey the lover of all things

This is Lacey’s sixth birthday – already!

She is such a joy; smart, funny, athletic and quite the lover.  Lacey loves kitties, and her best buddy is a little Corgi named Hazel.

Lacey can be so silly. She loves practicing agility and she loves, loves, loves the outdoors!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup. I love her so much.


Greeting from the California Girls

Poodle Selfie: Sandy & Lacey

Poodle Selfie: Sandy & Lacey

Lacey turned one year old on November 15th!  She is a fabulous and I love her dearly.

 We moved to a new house recently and Lacey is enjoying all the boxes. There are great walking paths by our home. Lacey has passed two obedience classes with flying colors. Occasionally she gets to go with me to the school where I am a teacher . The kids adore her!
Have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for raising such wonderful poodles.
Sandy and Lacey
Petaluma, California.
“Live… like someone left the gate open!”

Strudel’s & Apple’s puppies journey to new homes in far off places

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

 Jake, from Strudel & Keeper’s litter leaves for his new home in Syracuse.  Patiently waiting for the holidays to be over and the weather to improve he flies out soon to Ottawa where his new mom will be eagerly waiting for his arrival.



Parrett puppy for California

San Francisco Here I Come!



Sandy’s new little sweetie-pie puppy will be flying across the continent to find a joyful new home in the San Francisco area.




Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Traveling together to Phoenix, AZ  these two puppies are finding a double bunk that is just right.  Strudel’s pup, Mac, final destination Tucson, AZ and Apple’s puppy with a new home waiting for her in Austin, Texas are traveling together.  It makes puppy sense and saves people some cents, too!



 We can always find room for just one more in the puppy road vehicle and this little girl decided to join the gang on her way to a new home in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

PS – Just found out my new name is Ruby – how great is that!!

puppy for BarkerOops: This kennel is too big for little me!

Oops:This kennel is too big for little me!