Three Amigos of Steamboat Springs

Elliot, Alistair and Oliver

The three boys are as amazing as always.

Alistair, the gentle giant, got a grass seed buried in his foot which had to be removed. He was not amused by being house bound for a few day; he does love his outside time.

Oliver is, as always, Oliver and very much my protector and hand holder.

Elliot is the most loving, sweetest dog I think I have ever had in my world. He is truly amazing.

I love them all to pieces and am very blessed to have them.


Oliver & Alistair have their portrait done

I am honored to share that a print of this portrait will be hanging in the new oncology suite at the Colorado State University small animal cancer center, along with the message.  I truly hope it brings some joy to people in dark times and reminds them that there is a smile around the corner.

Alistair & Oliver enjoy the autumn in Colorado


We have been having a magnificent fall here in Colorado.

Alistair is obsessed with chasing leaves and Oliver laughs at him in his very dignified and mature way. They are growing up into such wonderful companions. Alistair is a goof, his antics have me on the floor laughing sometimes and Oliver looks on like a wise old man, totally unruffled by anything the world throws our way.